Directory Integrations

Integrating IT & HR Tools to Optimize Remote Work

Meet the Speakers:

Chase Doelling, Principal Strategist, JumpCloud

Chase Doelling

Principal Strategist


Adriana Clark

HR Manager


When IT and HR tools and workflows aren’t integrated effectively, productivity decreases and the employee experience suffers. And with the added complexity of remote and hybrid work, it can be even more difficult to unify processes and synthesize information across departments. 

Get the first steps for integrating your IT and HR products, people, and processes to better optimize the employee experience from onboarding to beyond, whether your employees are working in the office, remote, or a hybrid of the two.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Best practices for collaborating between IT and HR, and how to simply create bidirectional integrations that reduce manual work and errors
  • Why onboarding is such a key milestone in the employee journey, and how to ensure it’s a positive one regardless of where employees are located
  • How JumpCloud and BambooHR build effective remote and hybrid work experiences through cultural and technical best practices

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