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Tutorial Videos

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Discover the Office in a Box blueprint with Grab’s Kevin Lam, Derrick Phua of Cisco Meraki, and Greg Keller of JumpCloud.

This playlist features all of our tutorial videos for using the JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service platform to manage systems, apps, and infrastructure.

DevOps Identity Management in a Box: Streamlining and Securing Access to DevOps Resources with JumpCloud.

Learn how the Rock Island-Milan School district was able to replace AD and modernize IT in the cloud with Directory-as-a-Service®

Extend Active Directory® to AWS® – A Modern Ops Approach to Managing User Accounts on Your Cloud Servers

Learn how Tamr efficiently manages authentication and reduced the hours they spend onboarding to minutes with Directory-as-a-Service®

Learn how Jamf and JumpCloud provide the single most comprehensive solution for Mac admins. Deploy, secure, & manage macOS endpoints simply and efficiently.

Learn the true cost of Microsoft® Active Directory® and if implementing this on-premise solution is the right move for your organization.

Cyberco’s Jack Crane has honed the process of setting up the modern office with JumpCloud. Watch as he goes through the steps to set up and secure an IT infrastructure.

Moving on UP: How UPPAbaby was able to easily transition from having no directory to fully implementing JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service®

IMAC Regeneration Center completes nationwide expansion with the help of JumpCloud’s cloud-based directory service’s Alan Shimel, JumpCloud’s Rajat Bhargava, and New Context’s Ben Tomhave explain how startups can secure their organization while remaining agile’s Alan Shimel, JumpCloud’s Rajat Bhargava, and New Context’s Ben Tomhave explain how startups can secure their organization while remaining agile

There’s a brave new world of Identity and Access Management – learn how you can use it to gain better efficiency and security across your organization

LDAP is notoriously difficult to manage, especially with cloud infrastructure. We explain the benefits of a SaaS-based LDAP.

Thinking about getting rid of Active Directory®? You’re not alone. IT is fed up with Active Directory’s refusal to change. This ebook tells the story of one admin’s “breakup” with AD

This step-by-step checklist delivers a look into the arduous process of onboarding & offboarding employees for IT admins with on-premise infrastructure

Learn how pre-existing Office 365™ identities can be leveraged for authentication on Mac OS X, Windows® and Linux workstations, laptops and servers.

In this webinar we discuss how you can simplify your IT work life in a truly futuristic way using G Suite for identities.

CPO Greg Keller discusses how to gain complete control over Macs in your enterprise, from one unified, cloud-based directory.

We discuss how modern IT teams build decentralization into their organization while maximizing the security that their IT team needs to keep their organization safe.

Get ready for an intensive hour of the best security training tips, and learn easily-teachable security tactics to apply to your entire company.

JumpCloud CPO Greg Keller discusses the secrets you need to know about Identity Management in 2016

JumpCloud CPO Greg Keller walks through the onboarding & offboarding process to ensure that you are setting your employees up for success, and staying secure

JumpCloud’s CPO, Greg Keller, and Bitium’s CTO, Erik Gustavson, discuss optimizing your business using G Suite

We explore how many of the most critical conversations management has with IT are really about identities – the most critical digital assets in the modern era.

Yesware powers sales teams with better tools and data, and found a Directory-as-a-Service® that met all their criteria with JumpCloud.

Fundamental shifts in the technology industry over the last decade are challenging IT teams when it comes to managing their infrastructure.

In this paper, we explore reasons why organizations don’t implement directory services, the drawbacks of not having one, and how to easily implement directory services.

Although G Suite is transforming much of the back oce IT function, there are still gaps that organizations need to fill.

Download our free, step-by-step guide to onboarding employees in a way that is efficient, accurate, and secure.

As a simplified, yet more powerful and economical approach to user directory, DaaS changes the game for IT admins.

JumpCloud is your Directory-as-a-Service®, a fully managed directory to rule your infrastructure whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Rajat Bhargava, Erik Gustavson, and Melanie Sommer, discuss optimizing your business using G Suite in these five core areas.

Learn how FullContact simplified identity centralization, management and integration with JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service®.

In this webinar, JumpCloud CTO Topher Marie discusses the basics of SSH authentication – passwords, keys, and MFA, oh my!

Gene Kim, Rajat Bhargava, and Alan Shimel discuss how to leverage decentralization safely to increase the pace of your business.

The following video walks through the complete process of integrating, importing and managing Google Users within the JumpCloud Directory.

Those in IT know employees are not only the single greatest asset of an organization, but also their biggest risk.

Gene Kim, Rajat Bhargava, Ben Kepes, and Alan Shimel discuss actionable steps for how to move your business faster while remaining secure.

Better Wireless Network Security through Cloud-Based Management. Learn how to lock down your wireless network the easy way.

Major deficiencies in Active Directory® are being exposed, especially when IT teams have infrastructure in the cloud.

Struggling with Active Directory® after moving to Gmail? Learn how and why modern IT teams are moving their directory to the cloud.

Here’s a new approach that modern ops teams utilize to extend AD & LDAP to cloud servers.

JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® capabilities extend the on-premise AD or LDAP server to the organization’s cloud infrastructure.

Learn how EdgeConneX was able to establish password management in a cross-platform environment and achieve ISO compliance with JumpCloud DaaS.

Learn about how a cloud directory service can help your organization save money.

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