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Boulder, Colo. – October 16, 2013 –JumpCloud®, the first Directory-as-a-Service® platform, announced today that it has joined the Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) Solution Providers Program. An automated SaaS-based offering, JumpCloud installs in seconds and immediately starts protecting your servers.

JumpCloud completes the IT arsenal by automating many of the manual, tedious processes around server administration. Installed in seconds, JumpCloud equips IT pros with essential operations tools, and configuration management and monitoring solutions, such as Chef, Puppet, and New Relic.

Operating and securing servers is time consuming and complicated, despite the many excellent tools provided by AWS. JumpCloud automates these processes by addressing many of the key questions DevOps and IT pros are asking daily, including: :

  • Are my servers fast and efficient?
  • Who is on my servers and what are they doing?
  • Are my servers configured properly and up-to-date, or do they need patching?
  • Has my server been compromised, and who is it talking to?

Not only does JumpCloud crisply and clearly answer these questions, it gives back several hours each day to DevOps and IT admins while also increasing server security.

“JumpCloud frees DevOps and IT admins from getting mired down in ops and security issues so that they can continue innovating!” said David Campbell, co-founder of JumpCloud. “JumpCloud is the sysadmin automation tool that AWS users have been waiting for — no more time is spent manually managing users, reviewing admin activity, and patching systems. JumpCloud automates all of those tasks for them.”

JumpCloud’s entry in the AWS Solution Provider directory is viewable here:

About JumpCloud

JumpCloud, the first Directory-as-a-Service platform, is Active Directory® and LDAP reimagined. JumpCloud securely manages and connects user identities to their systems, applications, data, and networks. Get started with JumpCloud’s cloud-based directory service at

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About JumpCloud

The JumpCloud Directory Platform provides secure, frictionless user access from any device to any resource, regardless of location. Get started, or contact us at 855.212.3122.

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