JumpCloud Launches Its First Podcast: Where’s The Any Key?

JumpCloud® is excited to announce the launch of Where’s The Any Key? (WTAK), our inaugural podcast that will serve as a useful resource for IT professionals and people who are IT curious. 

Hosted by JumpCloud’s own IT Support Engineer, Ryan Bacon, WTAK creates an environment that fosters the sharing of practices and ideas within the IT community, as well as conquers misconceptions and provides guidance for those interested in learning about the world of IT admins.

For the first episode of WTAK, Ryan has a candid conversation with IT Support Technician, Noah Rosen, to discuss JumpCloud’s three day transition to remote work. As JumpCloud’s internal IT team, Noah and Ryan supported the organization in shifting 100 percent of the workforce to a work from home model. The two discuss challenges they came across while transitioning, as well as tools they’ve found helpful during this transformative time.

At JumpCloud, we’re all about giving IT admins a secure and simple way to manage all employees’ IT needs, no matter what type of system they’re using or where they are located. Our vision to Make Work Happen® includes more than just delivering a world class cloud directory — we believe in sharing ideas and service throughout our entire community, which is why we’ve decided to expand our content offering with WTAK.

Tune in wherever podcasts are streaming to subscribe to WTAK. You can also find transcriptions of the episodes on our resources page. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out at [email protected]

About the Host: 
While he has been a computer nerd his whole life, Ryan Bacon worked in a variety of industries before becoming an IT pro more than seven years ago. His experience in other fields, as well as a healthy mix of non-technical and technical schooling, influences his approach to IT in ways that he is more than willing to talk about. He also has cats.

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