JumpCloud Introduces Mobile Push Multi-Factor Authentication

JumpCloud Protect™ delivers one-touch, frictionless authentication to secure IT resources and prevent unauthorized access

LOUISVILLE, Colo. – August 24, 2021 – JumpCloud today announced general availability of JumpCloud Protect™, a one-touch multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution that makes it easy for IT admins to deploy and enforce MFA that is simple and fast for end users. JumpCloud Protect is available for both iOS and Android devices.

“IT teams today are working hard to implement Zero Trust Security models that provide employees secure access to the resources they need to do their jobs. But with the continued shifts in work models due to COVID, increasing threats from cyberattacks, and user reluctance to adopt anything but the simplest authentication tools, providing secure access is incredibly difficult,” said Jagadeesh Kunda, Chief Product Officer of JumpCloud. “The addition of JumpCloud Protect to the JumpCloud directory platform gives IT a new layer of security that extends MFA beyond cloud applications, to on-premise applications, Mac, Windows, and Linux desktops, VPN and wireless networks, and servers. This is a game changer for IT teams that do not want the complexity and cost associated with managing different vendors for single sign on, device management and MFA.”

With JumpCloud Protect, IT admins can achieve:

  • Improved security: JumpCloud Protect adds a secondary security layer to prevent unauthorized access to an organization’s network, customer data, tools, and more, giving IT admins and organizations peace of mind.
  • Financial cost savings: JumpCloud Protect is included with all bundle packages and the Cloud MFA a la Carte offering at no extra cost, eliminating the need to pay for additional licensing for this kind of functionality. 
  • Vendor consolidation: Admins will no longer have to manage third-party MFA or authenticator apps. JumpCloud Protect is natively combined with the JumpCloud Directory Platform.
  • Enhanced Conditional Access authentication policies: For customers of JumpCloud’s Platform Plus package, JumpCloud Protect adds an extra layer of security by providing an integrated MFA solution with the package’s Conditional Access Policies, triggering verification of an identity based upon a variety of parameters, such as device trust, location, network trust, and application-specific step-up challenges. 
  • A simplified end user experience: Traditional MFA methods, such as the insertion of six digit token numbers into authentication fields, are often viewed as cumbersome for end users. JumpCloud Protect provides a one-touch authentication method to support employee convenience when challenged with verifying their identity.
  • Integrated visibility to validate compliance requirements: IT admins can audit JumpCloud Protect enrollment and authentication events using Directory Insights to validate compliance status against their corporate security policies and external and regulatory compliance frameworks.

“JumpCloud Protect is an exciting offering that will make life easier in several ways,” said Nick Barron, technical director at Roadmap IT. “It’s exciting to have a one-touch MFA solution that is easy to manage by users and IT admins, and saves costs since we’ll no longer have to rely on third-party MFA apps for our clients.”

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