JumpCloud Announces Its 2022 Customer Award Winners

MiQ Digital, AkitaBox future proof, consolidate, and reduce IT overhead with JumpCloud’s open directory platformTM

LOUISVILLE, Colo. — July 19, 2022 — JumpCloud today announced the winners of the inaugural JumpCloud Customer Awards (“Jumpies”), recognizing the incredible things IT teams and their organizations are doing with JumpCloud. These awards serve to highlight the standout people, processes, and organizations that use JumpCloud to Make Work Happen® better, faster, easier, and with greater security. 

The 2022 Jumpies Award winners are: 

  • AkitaBox | Best Use Case: AkitaBox uses JumpCloud to secure, streamline, and transform their business in a wide variety of ways, including SSO, JumpCloud Protect, MDM, and RADIUS.
  • MiQ Digital | Community Choice: MiQ Digital uses JumpCloud to automate onboarding and offboarding, LDAP, RADIUS, user and password management, patch management, and to replace Active Directory.

The winners

AkitaBox, a leading facility management software and implementation services provider dedicated to improving facility management, relies on JumpCloud to keep their IT infrastructure secure and running smoothly. 

“JumpCloud was the first new system that I brought on board in order to establish a centralized directory to manage our computer and user accounts,” said Nathan Vergin, director of IT, AkitaBox. “After that first huge win, I kept the momentum going by systematically implementing additional features and capabilities offered by the platform. JumpCloud has continued to play a pivotal role in helping to secure, streamline, and transform the business in a wide variety of ways, and as new features are introduced, we continue to implement them bringing further consolidation and standardization to our business. To this day, when I am going through our IT onboarding orientation with new employees, I describe JumpCloud as the backbone of not only our IT infrastructure but by extension, the business itself.”

MiQ Digital, a programmatic media partner that builds bespoke programmatic advertising solutions designed to help marketers and agencies make the smartest decisions for every campaign, was able to deprecate Active Directory from their infrastructure with the help of JumpCloud to support their 1,100+ users. 

“JumpCloud overall has been a game changing platform for us,” said Rohit Srivastava, director of engineering, platforms, MiQ Digital. “Legacy Active Directory servers need to be maintained on a regular basis in order for information to remain accurate and up to date which is time consuming and routine. JumpCloud led to significant savings per year on an infrastructure and licensing model. Having JumpCloud in our ecosystem is testimonial to the fact that we are on the right path to scale our business with right future proofing tools in our pocket.”

The Jumpies judging panel this year included:

  • Adrian Bridgwater, technology journalist for Computer Weekly among others and a senior contributor for Forbes 
  • Greg Keller, chief technology officer and co-founder of JumpCloud
  • Ryan Bacon, IT manager at JumpCloud

“Our customers inspire us every day with how they put JumpCloud to work, enabling new applications, providing greater and easier employee access to critical systems, tools, and data, and building security into their IT infrastructure from the start,” said Greg Keller, chief technology officer and co-founder, JumpCloud. “AkitaBox and MiQ Digital were clear favorites of the Jumpies judges and our JumpCloud community for their tech innovations and their business impacts, including consolidation, streamlining processes, and even deprecating Active Directory altogether. This is our first year honoring customers with Jumpies and both MiQ Digital and AkitaBox have set the bar very high for future winners. With our open directory platform as their foundation, I can’t wait to see how these companies continue to scale.”

More information on the Jumpies is available in the JumpCloud Community at https://community.jumpcloud.com/t5/customer-awards/ct-p/awards

Award Criteria

  • Best Use Case is an award created to highlight the customer using JumpCloud in a way that fundamentally transforms their business in a mission-critical way — the award winner was chosen based on community voting plus the scores of JumpCloud’s judging panel.
  • Community Choice is an award created to highlight and celebrate the work and people behind the scenes that don’t always receive recognition, but are critical to the success of IT teams and organizations alike — the award winner was chosen based on community voting only.

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