Automation Driving DevOps Adoption

Boulder, CO – February 10, 2014 – JumpCloud®, the first Directory-as-a-Service® platform, today published survey results from its DevOps Conference hosted in conjunction with SoftLayer. The survey confirms that the rapid adoption of DevOps is driven by the need for increased automation and constant pressure to complete tasks. When asked to describe their greatest challenges and most time consuming tasks, leading responses referenced deployment and patching activities. User management and log file analysis and forensics were also near the top of responses by the DevOps Conference attendees.

Regardless of the specific challenges or tasks identified, attendees of the event unified around an increasing lack of time with expanding responsibilities and accelerated production cycles. Survey results pointed specifically to manual tasks as hurdles to time management. In order to address this issue, DevOps focused organizations are searching for ways to automate tasks and more effectively manage the explosion of online infrastructure.

“We decided to hold this DevOps conference with Foundry Group, TechStars, and Bullet Time Ventures companies in order to gain some base level insight and understanding into the state of the DevOps movement,” said Rajat Bhargava, CEO, JumpCloud. “The conference aimed to advance the DevOps movement through the sharing of best practices and a compilation of survey data from a highly targeted respondent group of leading voices in the DevOps movement. We could not have been happier with the over 200 leaders in the field from over 100 companies who were able to attend and help us to gain and share some insight into this increasingly important movement.”

Over three quarters of respondents classified themselves as DevOps organizations. Another 15% were on their way to becoming DevOps organizations.

When asked which cloud providers respondents utilized:

  • AWS – 55%
  • Rackspace – 14%
  • SoftLayer – 6%
  • Digital Ocean – 6%
  • Heroku – 6%
  • Misc. – 13%

When asked about steps to increase automation in their organizations:

  • Over 75% reported using some form of configuration automation tool such as Chef or Puppet.
  • Approximately one-third reported using some form of patching solution.
  • Over half are utilizing pre-built images.

When asked which tasks most commonly required manual management processes

  • Deployment and patching tied for first
  • User management
  • Log file analysis and forensics

The DevOps Conference was co-founded and sponsored by JumpCloud and SoftLayer. Gold sponsors included Authentic8, DH Capital, and VictorOps. Silver sponsors were Cooley, Pantheon, PivotDesk, SendGrid, and Silicon Valley Bank. For more information about the DevOps conference please contact [email protected]. Conference organizers are planning to implement multiple events in 2014 in conjunction with The conference videos are available here. Full results of the survey are available here.

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