Why Nonprofits and JumpCloud®?

The goal of every nonprofit institution (designated as 501(c) in the U.S.) is to make the greatest impact on their stated cause. Maximizing efficiency means keeping costs low. IT can be a cost-center, but it also can be harnessed to benefit the productivity and security of the organization as a whole. Many nonprofits are leveraging social media and new platforms to take their fundraising process to the next level. Unfortunately, many of these same nonprofits are being held back by legacy IT infrastructure such as Microsoft® Active Directory® or OpenLDAP™.

Forward leaning nonprofits are leveraging cloud technology – specifically Directory-as-a-Service® – to reduce their costs and expand their abilities. 501(c) IT admins can:

  • Automate onboarding and off-boarding of their users, volunteers, and extended family of supporters
  • Deliver worldwide support – manage users and devices whether on-premises or in the field
  • Efficient IT management – decrease time spent managing user access and devices
  • Fully move to the cloud with integration to G Suite™, Microsoft Office 365™, AWS®, and other cloud technologies
  • Reduced overhead with no on-prem equipment, no software purchases, and no on-going maintenance
  • Choose any platforms and no longer be tied to Microsoft technology

To learn more about how JumpCloud can help you and your institution, give Jumpcloud a try or reach out to us directly.

Nonprofit Challenges

Nonprofits are in a challenging spot. Their focus, rightfully, is in delivering on their mission for good. Ideally, every dollar coming into the organization is deployed to its cause. IT infrastructure is a means to an end. The challenge is that most IT infrastructure is a cost sink that can distract from an organization’s mission. It takes time, money, and resources to run the network and ensure that everybody in the organization is able to be productive. For most 501(c) organizations and the IT admins that run their infrastructure, this is a significant challenge.

Then there’s the necessity of security. Many nonprofits have significant confidential data. That data can include donor lists, credit card or social security data, health information, research data, grant applications, and strategic plans. Many of these pieces of data are held under an implicit contract that the data will be kept safe and only used for the benefit of the nonprofit. Only the requisite people in the organization should have access. Proper security is a highly technical matter and meeting the requirements for adequate security are a serious challenge for nonprofits of all sizes.

On-site IT infrastructure ends up being the complete opposite of cost-effective for nonprofits. There is the cost of the equipment and software, but perhaps more importantly is the requirement to manage the solution. Time ends up being the most significant cost center for nonprofits and perhaps the largest opportunity cost. Your IT staff is a valuable (and expensive) resource. When admins spend all their time managing inefficient legacy software, they are unable to focus on IT efforts that could be helping drive more donations or grants.

JumpCloud can Help

Nonprofits need to be efficient and cost-effective. IT is one of their biggest opportunities to improve. By taking advantage of world-class, next-generation technology, IT admins at nonprofits can deliver higher quality user experiences at their offices and in the field anywhere in the world. JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service platform eliminates the need for nonprofits to manage resource-heavy, legacy directory services such as Microsoft Active Directory or OpenLDAP. JumpCloud’s SaaS-based directory services solutions shift the burden of hardware, software, and maintenance away from the nonprofit and its IT organization. JumpCloud is built from the ground up with sophisticated network security controls that help fortify a nonprofit’s security posture.

JumpCloud’s cloud-based directory platform is cost-effective. Nonprofits only purchase what they need and don’t ever need to deal with the expense of an on-premises, legacy directory service. JumpCloud’s open directory services platform enables nonprofits to select the best technology for their organization, without having to worry about compatibility. JumpCloud is an independent cloud directory service ideal for nonprofits.