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At Wursta, we are building and shaping the way our customers use technology to grow their businesses. We are obsessed with imagination, efficacy, and the pursuit of delivering excellence every day. Our approach is based on generating value, both in generating value in everything that we do for our customers, but also in generating value in the interactions we have with each other. We are constantly looking for creative, value oriented individuals who are looking to catapult their lives and careers through hard work and ingenuity.

Our organization represents a new breed of consulting organization, one that combines a depth of Cloud experience unparalleled in traditional consulting firms, with a focus on imaginative efficacy, a model which incentivises the inception and development of effective processes through new technologies. In many ways, we are helping organizations invent the way they will do business for years to come.

Founded in 2014, Wursta is a relatively new organization. We are currently building a strong foundational team and establishing many of the elements of culture and ethics which will drive our growth for years to come. We’re also establishing partnerships with world class software companies like Google, and a deep partner distribution channel. We work with both small, growing organizations, and some of the largest companies in the world.