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Data Center Warehouse

Data Center Warehouse provides new data center products as well as fully configured top tier solutions. It was founded by a successful group of tech entrepreneurs with over 50 years of combined experience in the information technology industry. Leveraging their expertise in distribution, direct sales, global sourcing and Information technology, they have created a company that truly understands the business needs and what is important to today’s small and medium companies. From our inception, we’ve adopted a customer first philosophy. We understand the need for better pricing, responsive quotes, quality control and honest dealing. We have cultivated relationships with established suppliers to ensure that the products we source are obtained at competitive prices. In turn, Data Center Warehouse is able to provide its customers with great value, possibly getting more technology for their money, thus allowing them gain a competitive advantage in their particular industry. At Data Center Warehouse, our name says it all. We put all our focus and energy behind the technologies that are the foundation of a business. Servers, storage and networking are at the heart of any business and the quality of those products is the most important factor to companies today.