How much does JumpCloud cost?

JumpCloud offers a month-to-month pricing plan, and an annual pricing plan. You can find the details on each of these plans on our pricing page.
Discounts are available for educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

How do I build a business case for using JumpCloud?

There are many factors that can be used to build a business case for using JumpCloud. In order to ensure you know the business case for your specific company, we have created a general formula that you can apply yourself. You can find this formula on our post detailing the economic impact of cloud-based directories. We also have written a document that will help you understand your CFO’s perspective. We know from working with thousands of organizations that being prepared with a business case and justification are critical to getting anything approved by finance. Our team can provide you with ROI calculators, presentations, and documents that can help support your case. Please reach out to our sales team for help.

Does JumpCloud have special pricing for schools?

Yes. We understand the strict budgets that schools need to follow, and in order to accommodate this we offer Directory-as-a-Service at special pricing. You can learn more about this on our education pricing page.

Does JumpCloud have special non-profit pricing for 501(c) nonprofits?

Yes. We understand that nonprofits need to keep costs low to maximize their efficiency. In order to accommodate this, we offer JumpCloud for nonprofits at special pricing. You can learn more about this on our non-profit pricing page.

How does JumpCloud bill?

JumpCloud offers two plans for billing. The first is a month-to-month pricing plan, where you are billed on the first of each following month. The second plan is an annual pricing plan, which is billed on the first day of your contract. If you exceed the number of users you have purchased under your annual plan, you will be billed for the overage on a monthly basis. Billing is handled via ACH or to your credit card. Organizations billing more than $2,500 per month may request billing via invoice. You can learn more about our billing by going to our pricing page or contacting

How do I pay for Directory-as-a-Service with a credit card?

In the admin console, click on your account in the top right of the screen, then click on the payments option in the drop-down menu. A “Payments” window will appear, where you can fill out your credit card information. Once finished, click the save button in the bottom right and JumpCloud will be able to bill you automatically from there.

How does invoicing work with JumpCloud?

JumpCloud invoices by either automatically charging the credit card on file and emailing a receipt, or for larger approved accounts (greater than $2,500 per month) emailing invoices to the email address on record.You can find your invoice receipt in your email as well. If you would like to adjust where the receipts are sent, you can contact

What payment methods does JumpCloud accept?

We accept credit cards in the form of Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, and more. Alternatively, you can pay through ACH or checks. All charges billed in US Dollars.

Who can I contact at JumpCloud with billing questions?

We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have at

JumpCloud bills based on number of users. How is that calculated?

JumpCloud is able to automatically track the number of users on an account during the month. We can then bill accordingly from the number that is utilized.

Is there a limit to the number of systems a user can have on DaaS?

User accounts can have up to four systems per user. You can manage more systems on each user account, but additional charges apply.

What if I only want to use one protocol?

You can do that! JumpCloud offers a pricing plan that allows you to use either LDAP, SAML, or RADIUS for your organization. When you purchase this plan you also get access to our AD Bridge and G Suite™/O365™ integration features. To get this pricing, you just need to contact our sales team at and let them know that you want a one protocol plan.Note: We won’t restrict the product in any way, so if you decide that you would like to use additional protocols, you can simply begin using those features within the JumpCloud Admin Console. When you expand to additional services, we will contact you and help you move up to the next pricing level.

What are the requirements to sign an annual contract?

In order to be eligible for an annual contract, you must purchase a plan of at least $1,000 per year. For instance, on a standard plan this would mean buying 10 users at $9/user. This annual requirement is also applicable to non-profit and edu organizations. A minimum of $1,000 must be spent over the course of the year to be eligible for an annual contract.

If a user is in a suspended state, is the user still billable?

Yes. Suspended users are retained in the system during the time they are suspended and are billed as normal users.

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