General Questions

  • How do I become a JumpCloud partner?
    If you would like to become a JumpCloud partner, check out our partner signup page here. We offer unique benefits and solutions for you and your customers. If you would like to talk to our partnership team, drop us a note at
  • What are the benefits of becoming a JumpCloud partner?
    JumpCloud offers a number of benefits to our partners. These benefits include:
    • Enable organizations to move to the cloud – there’s a major digital transformation going on today. Organizations are moving their on-prem infrastructure to the cloud. As a JumpCloud partner, you can be at the center of that cloud transformation by help organizations control identities and access.
    • Deeper customer engagement – a cloud identity management system sits at the center of any IT infrastructure. As a partner to your clients, providing and managing their identity provider can thrust your organization into a highly valued role.
    • Joint marketing – JumpCloud offers a range of co-marketing programs including supporting demand generation, content syndication, and lead referrals.These benefits are available for certain, qualified, JumpCloud partners, and we also offer services for your customers. Learn more about both areas of benefits.
  • I am a JumpCloud partner. How do I gain access to the Multi-Tenant Portal?
    JumpCloud partners may contact to request an invitation to access the Multi-Tenant Portal.
  • Can I evaluate the Portal?
    If you are a partner with JumpCloud, you may gain access to the Portal. Submit a request to to inquire.
  • As a partner, do I have the option to disable the Multi-Tenant Portal?
    No, however should you need to detach sub-organizations (e.g. in the case of divesting from or otherwise terminating specific clients you manage), you may submit a request to to take the appropriate steps to do so.
  • Is there an additional cost for using the Multi-Tenant Portal
    No, there is no incremental cost to enable the Multi-Tenant Portal. If you have specific pricing questions, please contact

Association Questions

  • Can I verify an OrgID using an admin email that is also going to be associated to other orgs?
    Yes. By design, an administrator can be mapped to many sub-organizations. Sub-organizations MUST be verified before they can be associated to a partner.

Product-Specific Questions

  • What is the Multi-Tenant Portal?
    JumpCloud’s Multi-Tenant Portal centralizes the control and management of multiple JumpCloud organizations from an easy-to-use dashboard. The Multi-Tenant Portal is specifically designed to allow remote IT administrators to do their work more efficiently, from one browser-based console. Admins can see the top-level data they need for their managed sub-orgs at-a-glance, while being able to securely launch into full management sessions of any of their desired orgs.
  • How does the Multi-Tenant Portal work
    Once successfully registered, the Multi-Tenant Portal is enabled for the partner record. For the partner to see the sub-organizations that they wish to manage, the partner must prove their association to a sub-organization through email.
  • Does my administrative email/account have to be added to the sub-organization for me to access the sub-organization?
    No. Depending upon if you were provided access to the sub-organization, your account does not necessarily need to be added to the sub-orgs list of administrators for you to gain access and manage the org.
  • Will the Multi-Tenant Portal enable role-based access controls (RBAC) for admin accounts?
    Not at this time. When RBAC is a feature for the JumpCloud product, that feature will be assessed for the Multi-Tenant Portal, by extension.
  • Should MFA be enabled for admin users accessing the Multi-Tenant Portal?
    Yes, we strongly suggest enabling MFA for admin users.
  • If my customer logs in as an admin, will they see my portal or other customer portals?
    No. Your customer will be taken directly into their JumpCloud Admin Console. However, larger customers could have sub-organizations and use the Multi-Tenant Portal.
  • How do I add a new customer to my Multi-Tenant Portal?
    Once the product is GA, partners will be allowed to add sub-organizations.
  • Can I still access my client accounts directly without the Multi-Tenant Portal?
    Yes, you can still log in directly to each client account with an admin user vs going through the Multi-Tenant Portal with your “Master Admin.”


  • How do I get training for the Multi-Tenant Portal?
    There are scheduled webinars and a wealth of information on the Knowledge Base ( If you are unable to find what you need, send email to requesting training.


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