Why .edu and JumpCloud®?

Educational institutions are known to be IT leaders. Accommodating large numbers of students and faculty across departments, with multifaceted needs, has forced them to evolve quickly. IT admins at the education level often leverage innovative, best of breed solutions. Their goal is to enable choice and productivity for all users, but with more types of devices and resources every year, the old solutions are no longer getting the job done. Educational institutions are turning to JumpCloud to replace their existing Microsoft Active Directory or OpenLDAP implementations. The benefits include:

  • Automated on-boarding and off-boarding of students and faculty
  • Decreased time and effort for IT staff managing user and Web access rights
  • Tight integration with G Suite & Office 365, PowerSchool, and other .edu specific applications
  • No on-prem equipment, software purchases, or on-going maintenance
  • Each person must still login with their private credentials
  • Platform independence so each institution can choose the right platforms for them (not tied to Microsoft, Google, Apple, or Linux)

To learn more about how JumpCloud can help you and your institution, give Jumpcloud a try or reach out to us directly.

.edu Challenges

Educational institutions are suffering from a paradox. On one hand, they are at the cutting edge of technology and processes. On the other, many schools are saddled with legacy infrastructures which make it extremely hard to move forward in progressive ways for their students and faculty. As IT admins for schools work to bring in modern systems, cloud technology, cutting edge applications, and more, there is a significant concern about costs and budget from the higher-ups. IT admins are caught in the middle.

There is no better way to highlight the challenges faced by IT organizations for K-12 and Higher Education institutions than to consider their core user management and directory services solution. The directory is the supposed to be the centralized source of all identities and IT resources – but with new technologies finding their way into the classroom every semester, most organizations are looking at an ever-expanding, highly decentralized infrastructure. The root of the problem is that all these new systems, applications, and infrastructure equipment pieces don’t always connect to legacy directory services. IT admins end up losing control over their network infrastructure and ultimately pay the price with increased amounts of support.

Legacy directories are also expensive to manage and maintain. On-boarding and off-boarding students and faculty ends up largely being an expensive manual process. Changes or password resets require IT involvement, sapping productivity and time from core projects with high value in the long-term. On-prem equipment requires care and feeding on an on-going basis, along with expensive data center space. With so many education institutions facing tight budgets and tighter deadlines, the conventional, on-premise directory is looking more and more like a big cost-center that IT can do without.

Evaluating if JumpCloud is Right for You

We’ve worked with countless IT admins in education and no two are identical. That’s why we encourage you to reach out to us if you haven’t already so we can help you to evaluate JumpCloud as a possible solution.

We also offer a few other options for getting to know the Directory-as-a-Service platform:

  • Free Account – Sign up to get unlimited access to JumpCloud for up to 10 users
  • Weekly Webinar – Receive a high-level overview of JumpCloud and have a chance to ask questions of the presenter
  • Knowledge Base – Explore what’s possible with JumpCloud using instructional material within our support center

Thanks for considering Directory-as-a-Service. We’re here to help if you have any questions.