G Suite User Provisioning and Sync

G Suite is one of the fastest growing SaaS-based infrastructure services. Microsoft Exchange servers have been traded for Gmail accounts. Microsoft Office productivity suite? Replaced with Google Docs, Sheets, Calendar, among others. But this has left a challenge for IT admins: how do you securely control and manage users across SaaS infrastructure? G Suite does not function as a core directory like Microsoft’s Active Directory does. IT admins are left with the choice of leveraging Active Directory or manually managing access control. But G Suite paired with AD leaves an organization with one foot in the cloud and one on-premises, effectively negating the benefits of moving to the cloud. Manually managing access isn’t just inefficient. It also results in major security risks.

G Suite JumpCloud IntegrationJumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® solution integrates with G Suite to create a central, cloud-based directory service solution. DaaS can provision, de-provision, and update G Suite users. Tightly integrated with G Suite, JumpCloud’s DaaS maintains a synchronized status with G Suite, with any changes in JumpCloud automatically propagated to G Suite. For organizations already leveraging G Suite, JumpCloud easily imports in all users and automatically creates their identities. From there, IT admins can begin to control access to the devices, applications, and networks that their users need. The G Suite identity can now be used across the entire IT infrastructure.

For organizations looking to move to the cloud, the integration of G Suite and JumpCloud effectively removes the need for virtually any infrastructure on-premises. IT admins can leverage the benefits of SaaS-based solutions, which are reduced maintenance/management, the ability to grow as needed, and pay-as-you-go models. G Suite and JumpCloud dramatically change the equation for core services such as email, productivity applications, and directory services from on-premises legacy software to modern, cloud-based services.


  • Provision, de-provision, and manage G Suite users from JumpCloud
  • Import G Suite users into JumpCloud
  • Extend G Suite identities to devices and other IT resources


  • Single point of control for directory services with G Suite
  • Completely move away from Microsoft infrastructure (Exchange / Active Directory)
  • Cloud-based solution to core IT services (directory services & email)
  • Single identity for G Suite and all other IT resources


10 users free forever.

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