G Suite is one of the fastest growing SaaS-based infrastructure services. Yet, G Suite by itself can not function as a core directory given the array of resources an employee must be able to authenticate against, and unfortunately OAuth is too limited. IT admins are left with the choice of leveraging Active Directory or manually managing access control. But G Suite paired with AD leaves an organization with one foot in the cloud and one on-premises, effectively negating the benefits of moving to the cloud. Manually managing access isn’t just inefficient. It also results in major security risks. Jumpcloud’s G Suite integration eliminates this awkward middle group, enabling a 100% cloud-based solution to centrally control G Suite identities as one of the many resources your employees need access to.

G Suite JumpCloud Integration

API-driven Integration

Zero middleware servers. Zero need to run Google Cloud Directory Sync. Zero hassle. JumpCloud’s integration requires nothing more than an administrative service account which we authenticate via an OAuth connection to maintain a secure, persisted connection between JumpCloud and your G Suite tenant.

User Provisioning

Create new accounts within G Suite as you onboard employees. Leverage JumpCloud Groups to instantly create accounts when a new member is added.

User Import

Import and take over accounts that were previously created within G Suite to ensure they are under the control of JumpCloud’s directory services.

User Profile Synchronization

Allow users to manage their own identities with self-serve password changes, name changes, and more. Then, automatically sync any changes with their G Suite accounts. JumpCloud will act as the master and push all changes to the G Suite profile along with instant updates to all of the resources connected to the user.

G Suite Single Sign On (SSO) Support

Optionally, use JumpCloud’s SAML 2.0-based SSO support in concert with G Suite integration for a complete user management and security solution. Allow employees to trigger their G Suite sessions from their JumpCloud User Portals alongside their other SAML-enabled web apps.

G Suite Account Suspension

Admins can rely upon JumpCloud’s one-click deprovisioning to unbind and instantly suspend a user in G Suite. Conversely, the account can be re-activated within Jumpcloud’s Admin Console.

AD Bridge Support

For organizations still leveraging Active Directory, AD accounts be be bound to G Suite identities to ensure AD maintains its stance as the master authority, with JumpCloud acting as a cloud-based conduit to keep them bound and in sync with each other.  


  • Provision, deprovision, and manage G Suite users from JumpCloud
  • Import G Suite users into JumpCloud
  • Extend G Suite identities to devices and other IT resources


  • Single point of control for directory services with G Suite
  • Completely move away from Microsoft infrastructure (Exchange / Active Directory)
  • Cloud-based solution to core IT services (directory services & email)
  • Single identity for G Suite and all other IT resources