Device Management

A core part of directory services is the ability to manage and control devices. This systems management capability enables IT admins to ensure devices are secure, systems are in compliance with policies, and devices can be remotely supported. JumpCloud’s systems management functionality executes commands and sets policies on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. Combined with JumpCloud’s core authentication and authorization capabilities, Directory-as-a-Service®, systems management capabilities provide a comprehensive solution to controlling devices.

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JumpCloud’s device management capabilities can execute any command or script on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. A lightweight agent is installed on each device and connected to the JumpCloud console. Commands and tasks can be created in any language that the device supports and can accomplish complex tasks as needed. Tasks can be executed on an ad hoc basis, scheduled, or triggered via webhook from an external system. All task results are available with full information on success or failure. Numerous tasks and policies can be created including screen locks, disk encryption, mapping drives, running scripts at startup or shutdown, and many others.

IT admins often struggle to control their Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. JumpCloud’s command and task execution capabilities increase control, security, and visibility. Additionally, IT admins can remotely support their users through JumpCloud’s system management functionality.



  • Centralized execution of scripts or commands across groups of devices (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  • Scripts can be written in bash, Perl, Python, Ruby, Go, Node.js or any language for which there’s an interpreter or compiler on the host
  • Launch tasks manually, on a schedule, on receipt of an external webhook.
  • Results available in a web-based UI or via API
  • Audit logging of all scripts and commands executed
  • JSON-based REST API


  • Increase security by creating and enforcing security policies
  • Save time through automated task execution
  • Reduce errors in execution of tasks and policies
  • Increase visibility over Windows, Mac, and Linux devices

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