SAML 2.0 SSO Configuration for
Workplace by Facebook

Nowadays, organizations have more more usernames and passwords than ever. To help fix this security issue, JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service features a SAML 2.0 connector to so users are empowered to utilize a single set of credentials to access their web applications, such as Workplace by Facebook.

If you’re ready to link your JumpCloud identities to your Workplace by Facebook accounts, give our Knowledge Base article on this subject a look.

About Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook is a collaboration tool that helps users communicate. It works across both traditional desktops and mobile devices, so your users can stay in touch whether they’re in the office or halfway across the globe. Workplace by Facebook also integrates with the tools you’re already using like Jira, Box, and Office 365 and so you can stay on top of evolving work needs.

Why SSO with JumpCloud?

JumpCloud is directory services for the modern workplace. Admins who use JumpCloud for system management, LDAP authentication, and RADIUS networking can also manage user access to Workplace by Facebook accounts with the cloud directory service. By consolidating identity and access management, JumpCloud provides True Single Sign-On™ for organizations.

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