Mingle by ThoughtWorks single sign-on (SSO) configuration and login

JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® allows users to sign in once for access to all the web apps that they need. Users can single sign-on into Mingle by ThoughtWorks and other web applications

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Single sign-on and so much more from JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service®

Complete Directory Services

JumpCloud is a revolutionary new directory solution. Map your users to what they need: G Suite, LDAP-based applications, WiFi authentication through RADIUS, device management, server management, or SSO for online apps. JumpCloud can serve as an extension of Active Directory or as your standalone directory in the cloud. All from one scalable, always on, centralized service.

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Device Management

Completely control and manage Mac, Linux, and Windows systems with policies through one easy to manage dashboard. Mac and Linux machines no longer need to be managed separately.

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Point your WiFi network to JumpCloud and enable users on your centralized dashboard. Eliminate the heavy lifting of spinning up RADIUS servers and 1 X 1 provisioning while increasing WiFi security.

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Password Complexity and Multifactor Authentication

Use JumpCloud’s password complexity builder to enforce enterprise-grade passwords and eliminate password reuse. Centralize access control across all of your users along with the devices and apps that they use.

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Centralized User Management

Now you can use one centralized dashboard to manage systems, passwords, SSH keys, and user information. Eliminate identity sprawl, duplication, and the security risks that come with it.

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G Suite Integration

Companies based on G Suite don’t want to be saddled with on-premises Active Directory or LDAP. JumpCloud’s cloud-based directory services can extend G Suite authentication to devices, apps, and networks.

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Mingle by ThoughtWorks and SSO Configuration

JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service allows users to sign in once for access to all the web apps that users need. Users can single sign-on into Mingle by ThoughtWorks and other web applications.

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Developer APIs

Your devs can spend less time writing code thanks to JumpCloud APIs. Use the REST-based user management API for calls to provision, deprovision, and authenticate users. The event logging API allows admins to query event data and analyze the events their employees perform against your infrastructure.

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