You’ll master JumpCloud’s feature set and functionality and learn to speak the language of IT infrastructure and cloud computing with fluency. You’ll give in-depth personalized product demos that show customers how JumpCloud can transform their IAM workflows. You’ll serve as a point of contact for users who may be evaluating our product on a free account basis but need specific questions answered before they adopt it at scale. The insights you gain about customers’ needs will directly influence JumpCloud’s product development, so you’ll have an acute sense of how your role contributes to our long-term success.

“You already know how to highlight a product’s strengths and make them sound groundbreaking, but how often do you get to genuinely blow a customer’s mind? That aha! moment when someone begins to see how much JumpCloud can really do for them never gets old.”

—Toby Yoder, VP of Sales & Customer Success Management



Sales Development Representative

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