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Written by Cate Lochead on December 16, 2020

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The launch of our new brand is a milestone in a year of rapid growth and development across the company. Our platform is robust and growing. Earlier this year we launched Directory Insights and MDM; today we announced the addition of Conditional Access, which makes it possible for IT teams to start working towards a Zero Trust model (or speed up their adoption of a Zero Trust model). 

While JumpCloud has grown up quite a bit, our vision remains unchanged: Make Work Happen. JumpCloud enables people to get work done by providing IT organizations with a single cloud directory platform that securely manages and connects users from their devices to IT resources. Our goal for the new branding was to update our messaging and visual design systems to support both our roots and allow for the continued growth of our platform and company.

Our original Directory-as-a-Service offering delivered a modern alternative to on premise Active Directory. JumpCloud’s vision is simple, “Make Work Happen” and it has driven us to achieve ambitious results, and today the JumpCloud platform has redefined the directory. The JumpCloud platform has expanded to support identity, device, and access management, and our new brand reflects that change. So let us re-introduce ourselves in our most evolved state: meet the JumpCloud Directory Platform. 

Our founders imagined an open directory flexible enough to support the future of IT – including changes we can’t even imagine today. Their vision was to connect all types of resources (cloud, on prem, Mac, Windows or Linux), and even existing directories, through standards based protocols. We don’t know what resources will be used in one environment, how they’ll be accessed, or how any of that will change in the years to come, but we’ve designed the JumpCloud Directory Platform to be open and adaptable to changing circumstances. 

That idea of openness drove us as we created the new brand. We want a brand that gives us room to grow as we expand functionality and support more of IT’s needs: 

  • The visual components are lighter as a signal to our openness. We made a big move away from darker backgrounds that close a viewer in and introduced more transparency to allow room for expansion.
  • We have always used character illustrations in our design to remind us that people are the heart of work. Our customer is our North Star. Everything we do is designed to make it easier for IT admins and the people they support to get work done. So in our brand, we continue to emphasize people – updating the art style and introducing photography to bring even more connection to our users.
  • Our logo is modernized, but does not change from its original meaning, which ties us all to the cloud.

These changes are rolling through everything we do over the coming weeks and months – from our website, to our product, to our support site, to our educational materials. JumpCloud will continue to look for ways to easily and flexibly adapt to changing customer needs. One of the most exciting projects underway is the ability for admins to customize and brand their end users’ experience with JumpCloud! And there is so much more to come. Thank you for being part of our journey!

– Cate Lochead, CMO
– Kim Wachtel, VP of Growth Engineering and UX

Cate Lochead

Cate is the Chief Marketing Officer at JumpCloud. She has 20 years of experience building great marketing programs for awesome software companies like DataStax and Carbon Black.

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