Webinar: How G Suite Solves the IT Identity Crisis

Written by Jon Griffin on July 20, 2017

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In the current state of the IT landscape, G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work) has completely infiltrated an employee’s workflow. It enables workers to collaborate on projects seamlessly, at any time, and from any location. The ability of G Suite to help businesses with productivity and ease of access has become an invaluable tool, and all that is really necessary for the end user is a simple identity in the cloud.

Google Cloud Identity Management

Things begin to become more complicated though when you combine this identity with the rest of the tools an end user needs. With Macs, SaaS-based applications, and cloud infrastructure, IT all of a sudden has an overwhelming amount of identities to manage. This creates an identity crisis of sorts for admins. The IT resources and employees work is located all over the cloud, but the directory service to manage it all (usually Microsoft Active Directory®) is located on-premises.

G Suite Google Identity Management Challenges

This disconnect can make the management of users much more difficult. With multiple identities located all over the cloud, but no means to manage cloud identities, organizations have begun searching for a solution. One such solution that organizations have started to wonder about is if they can use G Suite identity services as the core identity store of their business. Or, said another way, can G Suite identities be the core identities within an organization and cut across providers, platforms, and location. Fortunately, in the modern office, this is something that you can do.

The Modern Office: How G Suite Solves the IT Identity Crisis

In this webinar, you can watch JumpCloud’s Chief Product Officer, Greg Keller, and Bitium’s Chief Technical Officer, Erik Gustavson, as they both go through how you can optimize your business using G Suite in five core areas:

  • Security and Compliance
  • SSO
  • Devices and Servers
  • WiFi
  • Directory Services

This functionality gave IT admins a new route to managing their cloud identities, and simplified the IT work life tremendously. Watch the webinar The Modern Office: How G Suite Solves the IT Identity Crisis above! You can also find a corresponding ebook here.

Jon Griffin

Jon Griffin works as a writer for JumpCloud, an organization focused on bringing centralized IT to the modern organization. He graduated with a degree in Professional and Technical Writing from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and is an avid learner of new technology from cloud-based innovations to VR and more.

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