True IT Stories: Creative WFH Solutions

Written by Kayla Coco-Stotts on June 5, 2020

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Sometimes IT administrators need to get creative to get their jobs done, and the global shift to remote work has been a challenging opportunity for many to switch up the status quo. Now that IT admins are responsible for enabling all their end users to work from home around the clock, maintaining security and providing hardware involve more than a bit of imagination.

We asked the IT community on SpiceWorks about their creative work-from-home solutions and compiled their stories below. Read more to learn how admins have adjusted their daily work to better support their remote organizations.

1. Providing Hardware

In an ideal world, users could pick up machines or equipment from the office, making the process of distributing hardware a relatively simple task for internal IT. However, getting those machines, cords, etc. to users has become more complicated under lockdown procedures.

“I delivered an Ethernet cable to one of our end users’ houses since she was self quarantining after feeling a little under the weather (we’ve since confirmed she’s fine). Had to drive out to her house, drop the cable off on her porch, then text her when I got back to my car.”

SW username jburdick1213

2. Being Available

Perhaps one of the most important recurring tasks asked of IT admins is making sure that their end users can do their jobs, even when they’re working from home. Communicating and troubleshooting user issues can be more difficult when, as an admin, you can’t just walk over to someone’s desk and discuss it in person.

“I have a Zoom meeting running all day that teachers and students can join if they need tech support.”

SW username Justin_Mc

3. Setting Up Your New Office

IT admins and end users alike have set up home offices while adjusting to remote work. While many have made offices out of kitchen tables, breakfast nooks, and laundry rooms, surrounding yourself with the familiar can make the space you’re working in feel more like a work-centric area.

“We are in the middle of packing for a move. I piled boxes around myself so I could feel like I still have an office in this chaos.”

SW username ghijkmnop

4. Getting Used to The New Normal

“It’s been nice, I get a lot more work done this way. I am able to do the online training I’ve put off since I need a good block of time with no interruptions to do those. Haven’t really had to do anything special since we already put most of our stuff in the cloud to make things easier. It’s been a challenge to not grab a cold beer in the afternoons, gotta wait til work is done.” 

SW username onecogmind 

Adjusting to the new normal has been challenging for many, and we’re here to help you make that transition. Check out our JumpCloud Office Hours to join our community in talking shop with the technical experts at JumpCloud.

Kayla Coco-Stotts

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