20 Top Cybersecurity Blogs & Websites in 2024

Written by Hatice Ozsahan and David Worthington on October 23, 2023

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Forget the age-old stereotype of the hoodie-clad, coffee-chugging tech wizard. Today, when even your refrigerator might be sending you calendar reminders, understanding the nuts and bolts of cybersecurity has become everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee).

But how does one sieve through the tidal wave of information without getting tangled in the overwhelming net of tech-speak? Enter the world of blogs. Not just any scribbles on the web, but the absolute gold standard of them.

And because you deserve only the best, I’ve taken on the task of sifting through the internet’s vastness to bring you a list of the most noteworthy cybersecurity blogs that I recommend that you follow. In cybersecurity, continuous learning isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity. Every new lesson strengthens our defenses against an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Whether you’re the tech-savvy guru at the forefront of all things digital or the enthusiastic amateur eager to learn, this curated collection is your one-stop-shop for staying informed, educated, and, above all, digitally secure.

1. Infosecurity Magazine

A comprehensive publication, “Infosecurity Magazine” covers a wide spectrum of topics within cybersecurity. With an emphasis on both contemporary and emerging threats, it integrates news, analysis, and thought leadership from experts across the globe. Readers will appreciate its articles which range from technical walkthroughs to strategic considerations, catering to varied professional roles from hands-on security practitioners to executive leadership.

2. Dark Reading

Dark Reading” is a repository of cybersecurity knowledge. The platform covers everything from vulnerability research to information security policy and strategy. Leveraging insights from seasoned security experts, it offers readers a panoramic view of the cyber threat environment. For professionals keen on staying updated about innovations, challenges, and best practices, this is a must-visit resource.

3. ThreatPost

As the name suggests, “Threatpost” primarily emphasizes the most immediate threats in the cyber world. Focusing on malware, vulnerabilities, and technological challenges, its articles are thorough and provide crucial context. Whether you’re a CISO looking to understand the next threat vector or an enthusiast aiming to stay informed, Threatpost is indispensable.

4. The Hacker News

Offering a 360-degree view of the cybersecurity domain, “The Hacker News” covers the gamut from software vulnerabilities to cyber espionage campaigns. A notable feature is its commentary on global events impacting the digital landscape. Readers across the board, from network administrators to cybersecurity strategists, will find it informative and timely.

5. BleepingComputer

Not just a news outlet, “BleepingComputer” is renowned for its active forums and user communities. It serves as a convergence point for experts and enthusiasts to troubleshoot, discuss, and explore the latest in malware, ransomware, and tech solutions. Besides news articles, its interactive platform facilitates collaborative problem-solving, making it a cherished resource for many.

6. Daniel Miessler’s Unsupervised Learning

Daniel Miessler’s blog, “Unsupervised Learning,” is characterized by its concise, yet profound summaries of the week’s most significant cyber events. Besides weekly rundowns, Miessler also delves into philosophical discussions on technology and security, providing readers with a more contemplative take on the cyber realm.

7. CSO Online

Catering mainly to high-level decision-makers, “CSO Online” straddles the line between strategy and execution. Its articles touch upon enterprise security, risk management, and the broader implications of cybersecurity on business continuity. Professionals will appreciate its forward-looking stance, anticipating challenges and elucidating on potential solutions.

8. Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley‘s eponymous blog is a blend of informative articles, podcasts, and video content that provides readers with a diverse perspective on the world of cybersecurity. With a career in the cybersecurity field spanning over two decades, Cluley shares experiences, insights, and expert analyses that are both in-depth and accessible. It’s a resource suitable for both newcomers and industry veterans seeking a nuanced understanding of the field.

9. Security Intelligence

A product of IBM, “Security Intelligence” offers a holistic understanding of cybersecurity. By focusing on research, threat intelligence, and emerging trends, it equips readers with the tools to anticipate and counteract cyber threats. Its strength lies in integrating theoretical knowledge with practical case studies, thereby offering professionals actionable insights for real-world scenarios.

10. SANS Blog

The SANS Institute, renowned for its training programs, also offers “SANS Blog” as a treasure trove of expert analyses, research findings, and cybersecurity tools. It’s an invaluable resource for those seeking to expand their knowledge or find in-depth solutions to specific cybersecurity challenges. Articles are penned by experienced professionals, offering insights grounded in extensive experience and research.

11. State of Security by Tripwire

State of Security” delves deep into the various aspects of digital security, ranging from vulnerability management to compliance regulations. Produced by Tripwire’s team of security professionals, it merges real-world experience with rigorous research, ensuring readers are always abreast of the latest developments and best practices in the field.

12. The CyberWire

Offering a blend of cybersecurity news, analysis, and interviews, “The CyberWire” is a daily resource for those wishing to stay updated on industry developments. With an emphasis on clarity and conciseness, it ensures readers are promptly informed about the most pertinent security news without being overwhelmed.

13. OWASP News

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a global non-profit committed to improving software security. Their blog, “OWASP News,” is a testament to this mission. It’s packed with updates on new security tools, methodologies, and research findings, making it a must-read for application security professionals and enthusiasts alike.

14. CIO

Targeted primarily at chief information officers and senior IT leaders, “CIO” provides strategic insights and guidance on leveraging technology for business growth. While it covers a wide gamut of IT topics, its cybersecurity content stands out for its depth and relevance, addressing challenges and solutions from a leadership perspective.

15. The Register

The Register” is a sharp-witted source of technology news and opinions. While its coverage spans various IT domains, its cybersecurity section is particularly noteworthy. Offering news, expert analyses, and detailed breakdowns of incidents, it presents a clear-eyed view of the cyber threats that organizations face today.

16. Krebs on Security

Founded by the renowned journalist Brian Krebs, “Krebs on Security” is an authoritative source in the cybersecurity domain. It is distinguished by its investigative deep-dives into cybercrime and online fraud schemes. Krebs’ unique perspective, backed by meticulous research, renders the blog essential reading for those seeking to understand the underpinnings of the cybersecurity landscape. Professionals, as well as lay readers, will find value in his articulate expositions on breaches, insider threats, and the dark web.

17. IT Security Guru

IT Security Guru” offers a daily digest of the most pressing cybersecurity news. It provides quick snapshots of global cyber incidents, expert opinions, and trends. Professionals looking for a quick yet comprehensive update on the security landscape will find it highly valuable.

18. Schneier on Security

Penned by the renowned security expert Bruce Schneier, Schneier on Security delves deep into the philosophical and practical aspects of cybersecurity. Schneier’s insightful commentaries touch upon a wide array of subjects, from cryptography to national security policies, making it essential reading for those looking to broaden their understanding of the field’s complexities.

19. Naked Security by Sophos

Produced by the cybersecurity firm Sophos, “Naked Security” covers a wide range of topics with a keen focus on providing actionable insights. From detailed analyses of recent malware attacks to cybersecurity best practices, the blog serves as a practical guide for professionals seeking effective ways to bolster their defenses.

20. WeLiveSecurity by ESET

ESET’s “WeLiveSecurity” offers readers in-depth analyses, research findings, and expert opinions on the constantly evolving cybersecurity threats. It’s a hub of knowledge, shedding light on malware trends, cyber espionage, and the measures required to ensure robust digital defense.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cybersecurity websites?

Some of the top cybersecurity websites include Krebs on Security, Infosecurity Magazine, Dark Reading, Threatpost, The Hacker News, and Bleeping Computer.

Is Dark Reading reputable?

Yes, Dark Reading is a reputable source for cybersecurity news, insights, and analyses, widely respected within the industry.

What is trending in cybersecurity?

As of now, trending topics in cybersecurity include ransomware attacks, zero-trust security models, artificial intelligence in threat detection, and the increasing importance of identity and access management.

What is the best subreddit for cybersecurity news?

The subreddit r/netsec is highly recommended for cybersecurity news and discussions, attracting professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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