5 Reasons You Should Unify Your Stack

Written by Kate Lake on August 22, 2023

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Struggling with bloated infrastructure? You’re not alone. Many companies are feeling the effects of reactionary buying cycles: they’re stuck with too many point solutions and too little cohesion amongst them. Here are the top five ways unifying those solutions can benefit your business.

1. Lower TCO

Lower your total cost of ownership environment-wide by centralizing the core functionality you need to effectively run your department and support your business.

2. Improved Admin UX

A unified stack builds trust in IT and makes administration easier and more efficient, leading to greater productivity and higher satisfaction in IT.

3. Security and Visibility

Avoid shadow IT by delivering preapproved apps that you’re confident in and have validated through supply-chain assessments.

4. Modern Authentication

Modern authentication, such as conditional access and passwordless authentication, proevents unauthorized and unmanaged access to IT resources (with greater control over the authentication chain).

5. Visibility Streamlines Compliance

Maintain a full account of your assets to streamline audits and compliance – and avoid the rush to assemble information from many places.

Unify Your Stack

Getting your stack back under control is easier than you might think. In fact, it only takes three steps. Learn how to unify your stack in the free ebook, How to Reverse IT Sprawl

Infographic of the 5 reasons you should reduce IT sprawl
Kate Lake

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