Thoughts from The Women of JumpCloud on International Women’s Day

Written by Josie Judy on March 4, 2020

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In preparation for International Women’s Day on March 8, we’ve asked some of the women of JumpCloud to share their thoughts on what it means to be a female working in the tech industry.

International Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day (IWD) was founded over a century ago on the belief that global recognition of women’s social, economic, and cultural contributions helps communities move  their mindset toward gender parity. 

For many women worldwide, March 8 is about celebrating the achievements of those around us, advocating for their strength and resilience in whatever endeavors they pursue. According to Account Executive Silvana Isaza, it’s about fostering a change in mentality: “I believe that in order to create more space for women in the tech industry, it is important to do the internal changes ourselves. When we work on our own internal struggles and challenges, we have a higher capacity of advocating for ourselves and standing our ground. Having internal mastery allows us to have a voice and freely express it regardless of the external environment.”

The Women of JumpCloud Strive for Success

On an individual level, women in the tech industry contribute to this push for equality by honoring the success of their role models and peers. They continue to advance their mindsets, capabilities, and ability to overcome external challenges.  

Visual Designer Kelly Welsh noted that, “I speak up and let myself be seen. I want the people around me to notice that I’m here, I’m working hard, and I’m not afraid to take up space and participate. I’m lucky to have a fantastic female manager who has been extremely supportive in both my personal and professional growth. As my career grows, I want to do the same for other women starting in this field.”

“Don’t be afraid of the words others might use to describe you when you do everything a successful man might do… Their ignorance shouldn’t stop you from dominating your field and kicking ass,” said Human Resources Business Partner Stephanie Petrikat. 

Advice for Women Looking to Join the Tech Industry

For other women looking to join the field, “Now is truly the time,” said SDR Abbie Rastatter.

Content Marketing Manager Michelle Krasniak offered the following advice: “Always be confident. If you lack confidence, be honest and ask questions. But make sure you stay humble; be willing to learn. There’s a difference between being confident and acting like you have it already figured out. Don’t take things personally. Just work hard to take away the lessons from whatever the situation is and make sure you don’t make those same mistakes again.” 

PR and Social Media Manager Josie Judy added that newcomers should “know your worth, know when to say no — and how to say yes. Don’t focus on what’s been done traditionally.”

Measure Worth With Drive

Today’s standards for measuring success are growing beyond age, race, or gender. “The ability to learn something new has NOTHING to do with your gender; it’s dependent upon your willingness to be uncomfortable in a new situation, to admit you don’t know things, and the willingness to JUST START,” said Rebecca Naeve.

Product Marketing Manager Leia Schultz recommended that, no matter how intimidating new ventures can be, “If you never ask, you won’t ever get a ‘yes’ or an opportunity. (And if it’s a ‘no,’ no biggie, it’s on to the next one.)” 

Celebrate Your Success

“Feminism isn’t about being the same as men in every aspect, but rather, being given the same respect and attaining the same freedom to choose who you want to be and what you want to do,” said Content Writer Megan Anderson. 

The idea of equal opportunity regardless of gender has transformed dramatically since IWD’s initial introduction in 1911, and the continued work of female leaders in all industries still challenges inequalities that persist today. Have any questions for us? Feel free to reach out

Josie Judy

Josie leads the communications strategy at JumpCloud as Corporate Marketing Manager. Before JumpCloud, Josie focused on all things marketing at Techstars, a mentorship-driven accelerator, and led their social media strategy. She graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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