The IT Version of Doing More Faster [eBook]

Written by Rajat Bhargava on May 5, 2015

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Our investors Brad Feld (Foundry Group) and David Cohen (TechStars Ventures) wrote this wonderful book a few years ago called Do More Faster. If you haven’t read it, you should! It’s focused on how startups are always on the quest to do more faster. Well, so are IT organizations. The challenge that these organizations have, though, is that they have to put some controls in place to make sure the organization doesn’t go off the rails.

Accelerating Business

But, let’s step back. Organizations today are under tremendous pressure. With more competition than ever, a global economy, and well-funded, high-tech startups changing industries, businesses need to learn how to move much faster. The faster you move, the faster your organization can grow, attract investors, get funding, and potentially exit. To accelerate business at this level, business owners move to decentralize certain functions of the company and push decision making to the edges of the organization. This gives core business units and functional groups the time needed to make decisions more quickly and execute on their plans faster.

IT is embracing this mentality in spades. DevOps is a cultural movement that’s increasing the pace of new product and application development. For example:

  • Hybrid infrastructure is extending an IT’s current fixed infrastructure with variable cloud-based computing.
  • SaaS-based applications are replacing on-premise applications and customer software that IT needed to write.
  • BYOD policies are another great example of pushing decision making to the edge. Each employee gets to choose what computing platforms are best for them. There are a number of other examples of IT organizations embracing decentralization to help the entire organization move much faster.

And, it’s working. The pace of business shoots up as “fringe functions” are outsourced.

But, as savvy IT folks know, the picked up pace doesn’t translate to all roses all the time. 

The cultural transformation to decentralize and move business faster comes with great risk and peril if not handled properly.

Risks of Acceleration

Risks for IT

Central control brought homogeneity which meant lower costs, increased security, and deeper understanding of that single platform. As organizations make decisions that are best locally versus globally, that by its very nature will increase costs and decrease security. That’s where IT organizations are stuck in the middle. IT is chartered with enabling the organization to move forward faster, yet they also are responsible for securing the organization. Which takes priority and precedence? Which day of the week is it? It is truly a conundrum that every IT organization if facing today.

So, we decided to write an eBook on the topic to explore this issue more fully. It’s a daunting problem, but we enlisted some of the foremost experts to help us dive deeply into how IT organizations can enable the business to move faster, while at the same time ensuring security.

We also created an easy-to-consume infographic highlighting some of the key issues around fast moving organizations. You can view it here.

Folks like Gene Kim, Alan Shimel, Tony Bradley, and Ben Kepes contributed tactical advice, brain power, and actionable recommendations business owners can take to maintain control of the modern business.

A big thanks to each of them.

It’s a topic that is near and dear to us at JumpCloud as we believe the next generation of IT infrastructure is predicated on next generation technology.

As you ponder how to enable your organization to move faster, grab a copy of our eBook, Do More Faster, Now with IT Control and dive in (and if you haven’t read Brad and David’s book, get a copy of that too!). Let us know what you think—we’d love to hear your feedback.

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