10 Ways Tech Sprawl Hurts Your Business

Written by Kate Lake on August 18, 2023

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More isn’t always better — especially when it comes to your IT stack. Here’s how IT sprawl could be costing you.

1. High Licensing Costs

Licensing costs are cumulative and can be complex. Your organization could face legal exposure or fines without satisfactory licensing.

2. Risk of Overbuying

Overbuying happens when there’s an impulse to spend to solve problems instead of using what you already have.

3. High Support Costs

Supporting many IT solutions creates a risk of siloed expertise and time constraints as your team weighs what to prioritize.

4. High Operational Costs

Decentralized IT budgets can lead to duplicate accounts across your environment, meaning less resources to spend toward other investments.

5. Difficulty Modernizing

Overbuying and allocating too much time toward administrative overhead makes it difficult to modernize as your business evolves. 

6. Compliance Complications

Compliance fines and the rush to take corrective action after documentation requests leads to stressful unpredictable work.

7. Information Overload

Having too many isolated systems creates “alert fatigue,” where the quantity of notifications causes them to be disregarded or turned off.

8. Too Much to Support

Security risks spawn when you support too many systems. Many zero-day attacks target those who can’t keep up with patch management controls.

9. Increased Cyberattack Surface Area

Apps with entitlements in core infrastructure and servers running on your network increase the footprinting activity for potential attacker exploits.

10. Supply Chain Risks

Third-party components aren’t under your control, as several high-profile breaches have demonstrated lately.

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Kate Lake

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