A Look Into JumpCloud’s Q3 2020: Surging Demand for Access in a Remote World

Written by Cate Lochead on October 30, 2020

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“In the beginning of the year, we were just trying to keep our heads above water as everyone moved to working from home,” said Van Romine, IT manager at Inland Valley Association of Realtors. “Once the dust settled, we looked at our options for not just enabling everyone to work from home, but doing it in a way that was easy for our users, and simple for us. JumpCloud offered all of that without the nickel and diming or the learning curve required with multiple tools.” 

It is hard to believe that we are already a month into Q4. 2020 has brought unpredictability, especially for IT teams working overtime to support remote work and demand for secure identity management and user authentication across IT resources is surging. We are seeing this growth reflected in usage of JumpCloud’s 700+ SSO connectors: from Q319 to Q320, Slack usage authentications in JumpCloud have more than tripled, Zoom and Dropbox more than doubled, and Google, AWS, and Atlassian increased by more than 70%!

Why are we seeing such incredible growth in authentications? We continue to invest in making JumpCloud the easiest to use cloud directory platform.  Whether that is delivering new features and functionality across access, identity and device management, which we’ve done a lot of, or building new courses in JumpCloud University or adding chat support in the product, we are working hard to ensure that we are delivering the most value and the best experience for all our customers.

Job number one for us is to rapidly deliver new functionality in the JumpCloud platform that makes it easier for IT admins to secure access and identity management — especially in a remote work environment. In Q3 we delivered a number of new features. Some highlights include:


Q3 was a record-breaking quarter for the company with more new customers added than ever before. Thousands of organizations turned their focus to supporting their end users’ work during a very difficult time through the JumpCloud Directory Platform. Whether they’re looking to replace Active Directory, integrate with Okta, or take advantage of MDM and SSO, JumpCloud is the platform of choice for thousands of organizations around the world:

  • Replacing Active Directory: Q3 saw another notable increase in organizations adopting JumpCloud to replace or extend Active Directory to support remote environments, including Leftbank Art and Uplight.
  • Integrate with Okta: In Q3, IT organizations overseeing remote users who need to manage resources beyond applications, like CS Disco, can now use JumpCloud to extend Okta user identities to devices, servers, applications, storage systems, and networks.
  • Consolidating SSO, MDM, and Directory: Companies like Sapling HR realized that deploying multiple standalone tools and relying on an increasingly complex identity, access, and device management ecosystem has become too costly and complex, and turned to the JumpCloud Directory Platform to consolidate. 
  • Global expansion: Customers around the world continue to select the JumpCloud Directory Platform for a diverse set of needs with respect to directory, identity and device management, including France’s SlimPay and the United Kingdom’s TransferGo.
  • Managed Service Providers: We added new partnerships with managed service providers (MSPs) around the world, including Intelligence Partners, Origin84, Sennovate, and MacSolution Informatica. Users deploy the JumpCloud Directory Platform in more than 140 countries, with nearly 1,000 MSP partners around the globe.

Admins desire to learn more about JumpCloud increases along with the new feature and functionality we deliver. To that end, this summer we launched JumpCloud University, with 16 self paced courses. In Q3, we introduced JumpCloud Core Certification. This certification allows admins and hiring managers to validate JumpCloud expertise. We will be offering certifications for free through the remainder of 2020.

A Peek into Q4

We can hardly believe that the end of 2020 is nearly here, though really, who isn’t ready to turn the page on this year? We still have a lot to pack into the next few months. Just this month we’ve released new SCIM integrations with Slack, Salesforce, Atlassian, GitHub, and AWS. And hot off the press: JumpCloud just released a new feature for software management that lets admins remotely install software onto end user Windows devices, anywhere employees are working (with following updates adding more functionality to this feature, like software patching).

We are delivering the best platform to make it easier for IT admins to power remote work securely and effectively. Let us know how well you think we’re doing.

Cate Lochead

Cate is the Chief Marketing Officer at JumpCloud. She has 20 years of experience building great marketing programs for awesome software companies like DataStax and Carbon Black.

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