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Written by Rajat Bhargava on February 20, 2014

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Kyt Dotson from SiliconAngle interviewed our CEO, Rajat Bhargava, in an in-depth discussion around his experiences in the cloud with DevOps. Raj’s views of DevOps are well known. If you’re not familiar with his views, check out Raj’s panel discussion of the strategic impact of DevOps at our conference last year or some of his writings. Raj is a huge proponent of the DevOps movement. His goal is to drive best practices and thought leadership around the growing paradigm in the industry.

Interview Topics

In his interview with Kyt, Raj talks about where he thinks DevOps is, where it’s going, along with the role that cloud, and of course JumpCloud® is playing. More specifically, and with respect to JumpCloud, how being the world’s first cloud-based directory service is impacting the DevOps community. A centralized user management system is critical to running any infrastructure whether it used DevOps or not. They also have a discussion about the fundamental changes coming in security subsequent to the cloud and DevOps.

If you have a moment, go on over to SiliconAngle and give the article a read.

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