Silent & Handsfree OS/App Installation on Laptops

Written by Cassa Niedringhaus on November 4, 2020

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IT organizations must plan for laptop deployment in today’s enterprise environments. If laptops are not appropriately deployed, administrators will face pain points in managing, monitoring, securing, and updating those devices down the road. Both Microsoft® and Apple® have built-in technologies to assist admins with binding devices to their organization’s device management solution and getting the devices into the hands of end users.

When you look at building your IT operations, it’s worth considering how you’ll install applications, operating system upgrades, and security profile deployments in a handsfree and silent manner. Device management solutions that only focus on the initial deployment and configuration will not allow your organization to scale from 10 laptops to thousands. In this blog, we’ll explore how to implement scalable solutions to manage your users’ laptops.

IT’s Ongoing Role in Laptop Management

IT operations are a unique part of a business in that the work is never done. Even after a device is in the hands of a user, you have to support it for as long as it’s being used. Security updates, troubleshooting, app installation, and compliance are all ongoing responsibilities.

Particularly in today’s work-from-home age, you can’t scale your operations without doing all of this remotely and avoiding requiring user interaction. In an ideal world, updates would occur without the user, who is unaware that IT is even involved. 

Selecting a Device Management Solution

Here are three things to consider as you select a device management solution:

1. App Installation

One of the critical aspects of a device management solution is the ease of app installations. If you deploy a new tool (like Adobe Creative Suite), you can’t afford to install applications for your users manually — but you also can’t expect users to install it themselves. Regardless if it’s a .exe, .pkg, or .dmg, a modern device management solution will enable you to install applications in the background that “magically” appear on the toolbar or application dock.

2. Security & Configuration Profiles

A key aspect of laptop system administration is controlled by the various security functions built into macOS® and Windows®. Both offer tools to manage multiple aspects of operating systems to fine-tune your operations.

You need to remotely control these configuration and security profiles without requiring the user to accept the changes. Because these settings can often affect compliance and regulatory issues, acceptance and installation are mandatory. As operating system updates are applied, new controls are continually introduced, so a device management tool must offer silent and handsfree installation of any new security and configuration profile options as soon as they are available.

3. Operating System Updates

Operating system updates used to be something that was delayed as long as possible to avoid compatibility concerns. Today, because of constant information security concerns, operating system updates are often deployed on the same day of release or shortly thereafter.

Because these operating system updates can often be several gigabytes to download and install, your device management solution should include the ability to auto-download the background updates and control when you deploy them to your users.

Final Verdict on Silent & Handsfree Installations on Laptops

The tools that system administrators use must simplify device management. Without their laptops, users are unable to do their work. Even after a computer is deployed to a user, you’ll need to install new applications, operating system upgrades, and modify security systems in a way that is silent and handsfree for the users to keep them productive and secure.

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