Shout Out to Simplifilm for a Great Video

Written by Rajat Bhargava on September 15, 2013

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We wanted to say thank you to our friends at Simplifilm for helping us craft a great video to highlight our company and Directory-as-a-Service® capabilities. Yesware and MobileDay referred us to Simplifilm. We focused on the centralized user management aspects of our product in the video rather than the overall theme of identity management. While we had a really fun time with the Simplifilm folks, we probably tortured them a bit with all of our script re-writes!

We’ve made videos in the past, but the difference this time was an intense focus on the process. The Simplifilm crew clearly knows their stuff.  In case you’re thinking of pulling together a video, we highly recommend it.

How Our Video Shoot Was Successful

  • In the initial meeting with the video production team, we started talking a great deal about our company, our messaging, and overall positioning in the market. As a startup in a relatively “thick” space of Identity-as-a-Service, we knew there would be a learning curve. We prepared in advance for those conversations to be sure we were clear about who we are and what we do. Hint: our positioning as Directory-as-a-Service was critical. To be honest, I think this really helped orient the Simplifilm team about our business and where we were (and still are) trying to head.
  • We then moved into script creation. This was the most intense part by far. We are really focused on showcasing how we are reimagining Active Directory and LDAP. We went through draft after draft, and we probably ended up a week to 10 days late because we were so focused on crafting this part. Our advice to other people creating videos is to leave yourself plenty of time to work on the script. Our opinion is that is the most critical area to get right (and the hardest).
  • After we nailed the script (and stopped torturing Denis Teplitski, the Director of Details at SimpliFilm) they took over and cranked on the voice-over and the animation. Both of those went really smoothly, although the voice-overs can be tricky. We had the opportunity to listen to several “demo voices” before picking one. It’s a hard process mostly because you want the voice to “sound” like the company.  Ultimately, we picked a winner and you can watch the final version if you’re interested.

Launching Our Video

After a few last minute tweaks and edits, the video was done and ready for our launch at TechCrunch Disrupt on stage for our Startup Battlefield competition! Thanks to the Simplifilm folks, our video was a success and it translated to a great launch for us.

For more information on Simplifilm, contact:

Denis Teplitski

Director of Details

Simplifilm, Inc: Moving Stories That Simply Convert.

+1 215 989 4977

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