5 Ways to Secure WiFi in Response to KRACK

By Jon Griffin Posted October 19, 2017


In this security briefing, JumpCloud’s Chief Product Officer Greg Keller speaks with Senior Success Engineer Scott Reed about the KRACK vulnerabilities in the WPA2 protocol. Watch the video above to learn 5 ways to improve your WiFi security in response to KRACK.

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The 5 Ways to Improve Your WiFi Security

  1. Patched, Secure Devices
  2. Avoid Public WiFi
  3. Browse Wisely (https)
  4. Leverage Existing VPNs
  5. Implement RADIUS

Security is an always-changing landscape and this is not a comprehensive list. Still, it’s a very good start to improving your network security posture and preventing your IT organization from falling victim to the Key Re-installation AttaCK (KRACK). You can read more about these five steps in an accompanying blog post on auditing your WiFi security posture in the wake of KRACK.

KRACK Resources

“An IT Admin’s job is to protect the company from their blindspots.”
– Scott Reed

Scott and Greg mention a couple of resources where you can find up-to-date information on patches for the KRACK vulnerability from vendors. We’ve included the links here for easy access. Note that JumpCloud does not endorse either of these resources and can not guarantee the credibility of the information to be found on these sites.

Reddit KRACK Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/KRaCK/
GitHub KRACK Link: https://github.com/kristate/krackinfo

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