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Written by Greg Keller on February 27, 2014

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Last night I had the pleasure to join the Security Bloggers Network meetup / party at RSA. This is a group of security industry thinkers and writers that Alan Shimel had originally organized when I worked with him at StillSecure many moons ago. It was great to see and reconnect with a number of the faces behind some of my favorite blogs.

I enjoyed sharing more about what we are doing at JumpCloud®. We are building the world’s first cloud-based directory service. Because of our security background, we are trying to solve the pain around securing a directory and having the directory service help you to secure your organization. This can be from one-way hashing and salting of passwords to leveraging mutual TLS for our communications. We also help the end users level-up their password strength, manage their SSH keys, and add multi-factor authentication to their Linux and Mac systems. We believe that a unified cloud directory should significantly enhance an organization’s security posture. In any event, it was nice to share what we are doing at JumpCloud.

Exciting Times In The Security Industry

Overall, the security industry is a close-knit group of folks from around the world, keeping in touch through our writing, and the threads that tie us together in the security industry. Clearly, there were a lot of friendships with a very lighthearted overtone to the evening. If I had to characterize the energy in the room, oddly enough (for a bunch of security researchers and writers) I’d call it mischievous. There was a slight disdain for authority and an amusement with life in general. I heard some great stories from folks that reinforced that feel.

Thanks to my long-term colleague and friend, Alan Shimel (@ashimmy), for putting on a great party. Alan and I have closely worked together on a number of things, and we are huge supporters of what Alan is stealthily working on right now. He’s a strategic thinker with some great perspective. It will be wonderful for him to announce to the world here shortly what he’s up to, and I’m excited to continue to support his efforts.

It was also nice to meet and reconnect with some of the awesome folks in security, including Brian Krebs (@briankrebs), Bruce Schneier (@schneierblog), Erin Jacobs (@SecBarbie), Martin Mckeay (@mckeay), Edward Haletky (@texiwill), Jen Fox (@J_Fox), and many others.

Overall, it was a great evening with a great group of people. I’m looking forward to next year.

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