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How Does RADIUS Improve WiFi Security

Is your WiFi password on the conference room whiteboard or using a shared passphrase that is emailed out?

Or, perhaps you have a lot of people coming and going from your organization so you are constantly handing out the WiFi passphrase.

These types of practices are convenient, but are they secure? You probably know the answer to this question already. The habits laid out above make it all-too-easy for an intruder to jump on the WiFi network.

If you want better WiFi security and more control, the solution is RADIUS.

What is RADIUS?

RADIUS WiFi Management

RADIUS is an acronym that stands for Remote Authentication Dial In User Service.

The “Dial In” part of the name shows RADIUS’s age (it’s been around since 1991) but today RADIUS is still widely used to authenticate and authorize users to login to remote WiFi networks. This is generally done with the WPA2 Enterprise protocol on WiFi access points.

RADIUS implementations include:  FreeRADIUS, Microsoft NPS, Cisco ISA, ClearBox, Elektron, and many others.

RADIUS pairs with directory services to fortify security for wireless networks. In order to access a wireless network, the user must provide unique credentials. These come from a supplicant to the RADIUS server and are then subsequently matched to the credentials stored in the directory. The end result: vastly improved WiFi security.

RADIUS-as-a-Service Makes Security Easy


With JumpCloud, each user will leverage individual credentials to securely login and gain network access without extra work. JumpCloud’s RADIUS-as-a-Service functionality can secure your wireless infrastructure. No more shared WiFi credentials and no need to email out the passphrase or constantly update it. Every time a user is on-boarded or off-boarded they are handled appropriately without your intervention.

Sound like a good fit for your organization? Sign-up for a free JumpCloud cloud directory service account and get started today. You’ll see how our cloud RADIUS service can help you step-up your WiFi security efforts.

Resources for Implementing RADIUS

WiFi Security RADIUS-as-a-Service

Here are some resources to help with your use of our cloud identity management platform. Learn how to:

JumpCloud can be integrated with any RADIUS-capable WAP, VPN, or other IT application or resource. No need for any on-prem resources or gear. You simply point your wireless access points to the cloud identity service and it takes care of the rest of the heavy lifting for you.

JumpCloud Learn MoreRADIUS Server = Better WiFi Security

If you would like to step-up your WiFi security efforts, drop us a note. Or, see for yourself why RADIUS-as-a-Service could be helpful to you. Sign-up for a free account – your first 10 users are free forever.

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