Rackspace Announces DevOps Service – Does this Overlap with JumpCloud?

Written by Rajat Bhargava on December 17, 2013

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Simple answer: no.

Longer answer: JumpCloud® provides a SaaS-based software solution that automates server management. These automated server management tasks include user management, patch management, server security, and compliance. Rackspace announced a managed service that leverages DevOps-oriented tools. So, Rackspace is building a service based on a variety of tools and the fanatical support that they’re known for. If an organization would like Rackspace to manage their environment with many of the latest DevOps tools, they would seek out their services. It appears from their announcement that customers could dictate the tool chain used and Rackspace would leverage those solutions.

Rackspace, like so many, is stepping directly into the DevOps movement with this announcement. It looks like they have started to promote the DevOps methodology as the preferred method for their customers. Our sense is that many, if not all, of the cloud / hosting service providers will need to embrace the growing DevOps movement. SoftLayer was a co-founding sponsor of JumpCloud’s DevOps conference and DevOps was all over the AWS re:Invent show. It looks like all of the major service providers will be championing this cause. And that is a significant step forward for the DevOps movement.

Rackspace’s solution will come to market in early 2014. It seems like it will be a heavily supported managed service aimed at many of their mid-market customers. These are mainly organizations that perhaps are struggling to adopt DevOps but have the budget to outsource it.

Service Providers Partner with JumpCloud

JumpCloud’s SaaS-based solution is a great core solution for service providers such as Rackspace to use within DevOps offerings like the one just announced. JumpCloud is already partnered with AWS and SoftLayer in their marketplaces. If you are a service provider and are anxious to help you customers save time, give us a call and we’d be happy to help.

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