2017 Q4 Newsletter: Get More Out of JumpCloud

Written by Zach DeMeyer on November 17, 2017

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Samba File Server Authentication

LDAP authentication Samba file server NAS appliances

JumpCloud now supports the secure authentication to file resources on Samba servers and NAS storage devices. Linux Samba servers or NAS appliances are simply configured to authenticate against JumpCloud’s LDAP endpoint, and JumpCloud provides the secure authentication.

You can visit our support page for a detailed guide on how to setup Samba authentication. You can also view our new whiteboard video for an overview of how it works.

Only organizations that are on the latest version of the JumpCloud platform can use this feature, so if you want to upgrade make sure you contact our Customer Success Team to let us know!

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Rock Island School District

Rock Island School District wanted to implement both RADIUS based WiFi authentication and  Mac management. However, with Active Directory this was an expensive challenge. With JumpCloud, they were able to overcome all of their challenges with ease, while saving time and money at the same time. Learn more >>

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Addressing WiFi Security

As you no doubt heard, a major vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol has been exposed. An attacker could take advantage of this vulnerability to read information that had been assumed to be encrypted, including passwords, emails, credit card info, and much more.

To help organizations combat this breach, JumpCloud’s Chief Product Officer, Greg Keller, and Senior Success Engineer, Scott Reed, sat down to discuss 5 ways that you can improve your WiFi security posture in the wake of KRACK.

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