JumpCloud Premium Customer Support Is Now Faster, Smoother, and More Convenient 

Written by David Williams on December 12, 2022

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Simple and complex are opposites — unless you’re navigating the world of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). In such cases, the opposite of simple is simply poorly controlled. 

At JumpCloud, world-class engineers and designers have worked exceedingly hard to distill the complexities of IT security into a simple, unified toolkit. We also offer an abundance of educational resources via JumpCloud University, our Support site, and our YouTube channel

Nonetheless, users sometimes run into a stumbling block or two when customizing the JumpCloud Directory Platform to meet their unique needs. Afterall, JumpCloud combines identity and access management (IAM), mobile device management (MDM), and IT security compliance controls into one centralized stack with powerful versatility. Put simply, it’s a lot to unpack! 

And let’s get real: sometimes we just want quick answers from real people! For these reasons, we’ve developed a Premium Customer Support program designed to save JumpCloud admins buckets of time spent searching for answers. 

Keep reading to learn about our latest Premium Customer Support features. 

5 Improved Premium Support Phone Features

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JumpCloud has recently launched the following features:

1. Toll-Free Phone Numbers (National and International)

JumpCloud customers can now enjoy toll-free access to customer support 24/7. Previously, customers seeking support were limited to calling the JumpCloud headquarters located in Denver, Colorado. Check out our new numbers below: 

United Kingdom4480-0066-8529

 2. Enhanced Customer-Agent Matching 

Upon calling, you can now select a menu option related to your inquiry. 

From there, an interactive voice response (IVR) will route your call to a trained agent equipped to answer your specific question. Translation: you will receive the specialized guidance you need faster. 

3. Improved Support Validation and Security

In addition to a more streamlined contact experience, the new phone system support menu also provides the benefit of customer recognition. 

This means you will no longer need to keep track of Premium Support PINs after second contact! Our automated system will recognize your phone number as that of a Premium Customer (no more hunting down where you wrote that PIN number). 

4. Expedited Case Delivery

Have you ever had an ongoing case that needed extra support? Premium Support customers can now enter a case number that will directly transfer them to their assigned associates (subject to their availability). 

5. Reduced Hold Times 

We know our customers have better things to do than listen to wait-time music on their lunch breaks. So, we’re now utilizing customer callback and voicemail options. Simply select the option to receive a call back instead of waiting on hold.

Coming Soon: Premium Chat Functionality in the Admin Portal

Have you ever wished you could have your questions answered by an engineer directly in your JumpCloud Admin Portal via chat? 

If so, that wish is coming true this holiday season. Beginning December 20, Premium Support customers will notice a Live Chat feature in their Admin Portals. The new chat experience will include several new features, including: 

  • Premium Support PIN: JumpCloud admins with Premium Support no longer need Premium Support PINs to engage with the Live Chat. Like our improved automated phone system, the JumpCloud Chat Bot will automatically recognize your Premium Support status. 
  • Resolutions via JumpCloud’s Support Bot: JumpCloud’s Chat will also come with the JumpCloud Support Bot. This is a helpful bot equipped to resolve common questions by replying with helpful answers, screenshots, and documentation links. Of course, if the resolution is not sufficient, Premium Support customers may always request to chat with a live support engineer. As time progresses, the JumpCloud Support Bot will become more intelligent and better equipped to answer questions over time. 

Save Time With JumpCloud Premium Support

If you’re already a Premium Support customer, we can’t wait for you to experience a more streamlined support experience! Please do share your feedback with us. 

If you’re a JumpCloud customer who has not experienced saving time, solving problems, and maximizing your investment with Premium Support, we invite you to sign up. Let our top engineers deploy JumpCloud features on your behalf and gain quick answers to your most pressing questions around the clock. 

Click here to learn more about JumpCloud’s Premium Support Plans.

David Williams

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