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Why I Have a Weak Twitter Password

In this blog post, security professional and JumpCloud co-founder and CTO, Topher Marie, explains why he has a weak Twitter password.


Less Ops, More Dev™

A theme of the AWS re:Invent 2013 conference would have to be less ops, more dev - a key JumpCloud theme. Find out why this mean more innovation, too.


Why Should You Avoid Password Reuse?

That is the real vulnerability of passwords - their reuse, but why? Topher, Maria, co-founder and CTO at JumpCloud, explains the dangers of password reuse.


Tip of the Hat to AWS & Werner

Tip of the hat to AWS & Werner for inviting me and about 20 other co-founders / CTOs Tuesday night for an intimate conversation around technology.


Passwords are Still Fundamentally Sound

Vulnerabilities on the Internet aren't found in obvious places, since hackers don't just guess passwords. The real risks online lie on the back-end.


Shout Out to Simplifilm for a Great Video

Thank you to our friends at Simplifilm for helping us craft a great video to highlight our company and Directory-as-a-Service® capabilities.


Launching at TechCrunch Disrupt

JumpCloud was selected out of hundreds of startups to present on stage as a finalist in the TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco Battlefield competition.


AWS IAM and JumpCloud — Complementary Tools

The AWS IAM product is built to control access to the infrastructure of your Amazon virtual machines. JumpCloud manages who is using those machines.