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Daily insights on directory services, IAM, LDAP, identity security, SSO, system management (Mac, Windows, Linux), networking, and the cloud.


My Linux server is very slow…

There’s no tool combination I’ve found more valuable for troubleshooting performance issues than vmstat and top in Linux command line.


Userdel needs to work across all servers

Userdel needs to work across all servers and it needs to extend to your user’s machines (desktops, laptops), applications, and networks.


New customers. New office. New CEO.

Happy New Year, New Beginnings! JumpCloud® is cranking, and we are taking the next steps with the business. We look forward to serving our new customers.


Do You Really Know Who Uses Your Systems?

JumpCloud's Identity-as-a-Service platform can support all of your cloud directory needs and help you control who has access to your systems.


The JumpCloud Challenge

The JumpCloud challenge is offering a bounty: if it legitimately takes you more than 10 minutes to get setup with JumpCloud, we'll send you a gift card.


Be Awesome

Matthew Bellows, co-founder and CEO of Yesware, recently posted an article on being awesome at what you do. Being awesome much more than a job description.


JumpCloud’s Got a New Groove

A new space is helping JumpCloud's new groove with building out our world-class SaaS-based Directory-as-a-Service® platform in and for the cloud.


JumpCloud Celebrates with Sushi

Our inaugural holiday party provided the ideal setting for the Jumpcloud crew to reflect on all that’s happened since TechCrunch Disrupt.


JumpCloud Named Top 10 Security Startup

We're honored to have JumpCloud named top 10 security startup by Rob Westervelt at CRN. Security is a key component of our cloud-based directory service.