Daily insights on directory services, IAM, LDAP, identity security, SSO, system management (Mac, Windows, Linux), networking, and the cloud.


SaaS-based LDAP

With an SaaS-based LDAP solution you will increase security, save your IT staff time, and increase your ability to easily auth devices and apps against LDAP


Existing Directory Services Landscape

JumpCloud has created the first Directory as a Service. This blog goes over the existing directory services landscape, and explains what's missing.


How to Manage Macs in the Enterprise

We’ve reimagined directory services, and built a Cloud-based directory that supports all of the key device types: Manage Macs, Windows, Macs, and Linux.


It’s Time to Put LDAP in the Cloud

The cloud has changed just about everything. When it comes to directory features, however, the offerings are lacking. It's time to put LDAP in the cloud.