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Feature Request: Passwordless Sudo

While sudo into a box is a more secure mechanism, passwordless sudo may actually be necessary – often for service accounts that run as root.


Security Bloggers Network Awards

Security Bloggers Network meetup at RSA is a group of security industry thinkers and writers Alan Shimel that had organized when we worked at StillSecure.


Temporary SSH Access

Administrators often provide temporary SSH access to servers. This is often done for consultants that may be doing work on a server.


AWS Meetup: Tues 2/25 @ Galvanize Denver

Gabe Monroy, co-founder and CTO of OpDemand, on tips/steps for building a private platform as a service with Docker and Deis at AWS Boulder-Denver Meetup


User management + cloud = PAIN

User management + cloud = PAIN. Luckily, this statement doesn't have to be true for you when you leverage a cloud-based directory service.


DevOps Conference Survey Results

We just announced the results from the survey taken at our first DevOps Conference in Boulder, Colorado. Check out the exciting results for yourself.