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Daily insights on directory services, IAM, LDAP, identity security, SSO, system management (Mac, Windows, Linux), networking, and the cloud.


JumpCloud Meme of the Week

We're introducing the “JumpCloud MEME of the Week.\ Our debut meme was inspired by our favorite tech movement and one of our new favorite shows.""


Manage Cloud Servers, Users, and Passwords

Most cloud providers want nothing to do with managing the accounts on your server, and frankly, most DevOps and IT pros don’t either!


Why DevOps Roundtable Discussion

Why DevOps? Our fifth segment of the DevOps State of the Union event in Boston Recap covers the roundtable discussion on this very topic.


Five Reasons You’re Tired of LDAP

As most DevOps and IT pros know, managing privileged accounts with a user database like LDAP is a bit painful. We're sharing 5 reasons you're tired of LDAP.


Security at the DevOps Table

Security is an ongoing battle for most companies, but how are devops practitioners handling different security issues and making managing users more secure.


Considering an Alternative to LDAP?

JumpCloud is a simple, easy-to-use alternative to LDAP that provides you with Windows and Linux user management capabilities as a SaaS-based solution.


DevOps.com Announces Board of Advisors

DevOps.com has a new Board of Advisors and are excited to support the mission of creating a world-class education and events company to advance DevOps