November 17th, 2017 – Production Release Notification

Written by Rajat Bhargava on November 20, 2017

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Release Contents:


Function Area(s):

System Management

Deploy Date:

November 17th, 2017

Items Being Released:

New Featurette:

System Policies for Mac, Windows and Linux are deployed. This introduces two initial policies:

  • Lockscreen (for Mac and Windows)
  • USB blocking of storage volumes (for Linux and Windows).
Rajat Bhargava

Rajat Bhargava is co-founder and CEO of JumpCloud, the first Directory-as-a-Service (DaaS). JumpCloud securely connects and manages employees, their devices and IT applications. An MIT graduate with two decades of experience in industries including cloud, security, networking and IT, Rajat is an eight-time entrepreneur with five exits including two IPOs, three trade sales and three companies still private.

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