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Written by Kate Lake on April 15, 2024

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IT professionals are the people who Make Work Happen™ throughout their organization — so it’s important they have the right tools at their fingertips. We believe that the best tools are those that can adapt to meet their needs as they evolve. This ethos drives the continual investment in the JumpCloud platform based on regular user input and feedback.

As we’ve collected and acted upon customer feedback over the last couple of years, the JumpCloud platform has grown significantly. Some new (and improved!) features include:

In light of these changes, we wanted to make sure our packaging structure continued to meet our users’ needs. We surveyed over 800 of our customers and upgraded our packages based on their feedback. Read on to learn about what customers wanted and how we’ve adapted to meet their needs.

What’s Changed? Key Changes to the Packages 

In our surveys, our customers mentioned two things they wanted to see from us: more robust packages so they don’t have to purchase additional features separately, and an option tailored to those focused primarily on device management. We delivered on these requests by incorporating Password Manager, patch management, JumpCloud Go™, and Remote Access into our packages for more comprehensive IT management without the need for add-ons. We also introduced two new device-centric packages that power effective and secure device management.  

Read on to learn more about these upgrades and how they grant customers access to more robust IT management capabilities.

Package Changes: 

JumpCloud’s Single Sign-On (SSO) package focuses primarily on user authentication and access control. It has been upgraded to include:

In addition to these updates, JumpCloud has incorporated several new SSO integrations and can connect to over 1,000 applications. Many of these applications are HRIS platforms like Workday, allowing for more comprehensive identity lifecycle management.

JumpCloud Core Directory 2024 is a user authentication and access control package with a slightly more robust feature set than its SSO counterpart. It has also been upgraded to include:

These updates help Core customers promote secure authentication and improve their password habits across their user bases. Customers can now use our Password Manager, which leverages a unique distributed architecture to create, store, and enforce strong user credentials on local devices. 

JumpCloud Platform 2024, our most popular package, has been upgraded with several new features, including: 

JumpCloud Platform Plus has been replaced by JumpCloud Platform Prime 2024. New and improved features in this package include:

Unique to this package is the introduction of Prime Pass, which grants customers access to all future features developed in-house by JumpCloud. This ensures that customers won’t have to pay separately for add-ons, never miss a new feature, and stay on top of the latest and greatest JumpCloud capabilities. 

JumpCloud introduced two new Device Management packages for those primarily looking to use JumpCloud to manage their devices. Customers who want a unified identity, access, and device management solution can now select JumpCloud’s Device Identity. For customers who already have an existing identity provider and just want JumpCloud Device Management to start, they can select the new JumpCloud Device Management package. 

Both new packages offer features critical to effective device management, including: 

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We’re excited to announce these new packages and approaches to our platform. To learn more about the new packages, visit our pricing page or contact our sales team

Kate Lake

Kate Lake is a Senior Content Writer at JumpCloud, where she writes about JumpCloud’s cloud directory platform and trends in IT, technology, and security. She holds a Bachelors in Linguistics from the University of Virginia and is driven by a lifelong passion for writing and learning. When she isn't writing for JumpCloud, Kate can be found traveling, exploring the outdoors, or quoting a sci-fi movie (often all at once).

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