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Written by Cassa Niedringhaus on February 8, 2021

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The JumpCloud Directory Platform is expanding quickly with new products and functionality. With the introduction of new products, our approach to packaging and pricing started to create challenges for some of our customers, so we conducted hundreds of interviews to learn what would work best. 

Last month, we announced new packaging and pricing that aligns with how our variety of customers use JumpCloud. 

Scenario-Based Packages 

In 2020, more than 200 features were added to the platform, including Conditional Access policies, additional device management capabilities for Mac and Windows, SSO for hundreds more web apps, and more. Directory Insights was also added, to provide deep visibility into user activity and events across virtually every resource. These features expand identity, device, and access management, and together they support a Zero Trust security model

As these new features were added to the platform, our approach to packaging started to move toward an add-on model, which made it overly complex. Knowing a change was needed, we launched a survey and listened to more than 1,000 customers to find a better way to package our offerings. The goals of the new packages are to:

  • Align with the most common use cases
  • Increase options and flexibility
  • Reduce friction as new features are released 
  • Eliminate billing for unused functionality

Customer feedback, tremendous amounts of usage data, and experts in the pricing and packaging space informed this work. 

The platform expanded by more than 30 features a quarter in 2020, many of which were designed to help IT teams support and secure remote work. JumpCloud’s head of product, Bill Mrochek, explained in JumpCloud’s Q1 2021 Product Roadmap Webinar how the cloud-native platform will continue to enable people to work from anywhere.

“The pandemic accelerated remote work adoption, so we’ve leaned into features to support that even more. We want to connect a user to any resource, from any location, from a trusted device, with one secure identity — all from the cloud.”

— Bill Mrochek, Head of Product, JumpCloud

Now, customers can choose between an à la carte menu and four bundled packages — as opposed to the old model that offered one package with select add-ons for new features. What does this mean for you? You can choose what works best for your organization. Existing customers with questions should work with their Account Manager to move to the best package for their environments.

This blog post provides an overview of each offering as well as a description of the specific components. You can see the model on our pricing page.

JumpCloud Free

This package gives you access to the full platform for up to 10 users and 10 devices, along with 10 days of Premium 24×7 in-app live chat support, for free. It’s a great way to test every feature in the platform and get hands-on experience before you decide whether you want to purchase.

This is also the perfect package for organizations that have fewer than 10 identities, and still want the benefits of a complete identity, access, and device management solution!

À La Carte Features 

Each of these features is available individually. This option is typically most cost-effective if you only need one or two features to round out your current approach, or to fill an immediate need while you evaluate the complete platform:

  • Cloud Directory: Securely manage and connect your users to all their IT resources.
  • Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Enforce biometric and TOTP MFA at high-value access points.
  • Web SSO: Grant users secure access to all their web apps from a single web-based portal. 
  • User Lifecycle Management (ULM): Use group-based access control and other automated workflows to onboard and offboard users efficiently. 
  • Cloud LDAP: Connect users to LDAP-backed resources like legacy applications and file servers without managing an LDAP server.
  • Cloud RADIUS: Secure Wi-Fi access and connect users to other RADIUS-backed resources like VPNs without managing a RADIUS server.
  • Device Management / MDM: Securely manage Windows, Mac, and Linux devices with templated policies, security commands, and custom commands.
  • System Insights: Gather key metrics for your managed Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, including asset, security, and configuration data.
  • Directory Insights: Surface data across your organization, including user and admin events, and export it for auditing and compliance activities. 
  • Zero Trust: Implement a Zero Trust security model to ensure users work only on trusted devices and networks, as well as other controls, with Conditional Access policies.
  • Premium Services: Get 24×7 support and implementation services with top engineers, along with a guaranteed uptime SLA.

If you need multiple features, you now have four packages from which to choose. We centered these four packages around the most common use cases we see.

JumpCloud Packages

Each of the four packages includes these core features: cloud directory, cloud MFA, and standard technical support. 

This means that no matter which package you select, you have a secure, central database for all of your user identities. You can integrate your cloud directory with external sources of identity, including Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace. You can also add an additional layer of security at login with MFA for applications, devices, and network access.

You also get access to our engineer-driven technical support team to answer your questions and help you optimize your use of the capabilities in your package.


Securely connect to any resource using Google Workspace and JumpCloud.

1. JumpCloud SSO Package

With this package, you can use your cloud directory to grant each user a single identity to access all their web apps through a convenient but secure User Portal, with optional MFA at login. You also get integrated ULM, with capabilities to provide one-touch provisioning to many IT resources.

This package includes hundreds of preconfigured SAML and SCIM connectors for single sign-on end user access and full ULM for admins, alongside the ability to automate processes and control detailed levels of access via groups and attributes. 

This package is best-suited for admins who need a cloud directory with web SSO access and ULM that ultimately increases security and control over those web apps.

You can add device management and MDM capabilities to this package. In customer research and usage analysis, we found that many customers combined SSO/ULM with device management for a broad range of control over their core IT infrastructure. This package provides a highly cost-effective and complete SSO offering.

2. JumpCloud Core Directory Package

With this package, you get complete identity and access management (IAM). You can use your cloud directory to grant each user a single identity to access not only their web apps, but also resources that require a backing LDAP or RADIUS server. That way, you can grant secure user access to web and on-premises apps, Samba-based file servers, and VPN and Wi-Fi networks. This package includes web SSO, cloud LDAP, and cloud RADIUS — plus Directory Insights, which returns information on who has accessed what, when, and how. You’ll be able to quickly and easily compile compliance reports, troubleshoot events, and investigate security anomalies.

This package is best-suited for admins who want to control user access to apps, servers, and networks, as well as reduce infrastructure costs. With JumpCloud, you don’t have to manage the maintenance, scalability, or security of your directory platform or implement multiple servers or solutions to control access.

3. JumpCloud Platform Package

The most popular package provides a comprehensive IAM solution — as well as a complete device management platform for Mac, Windows, and Linux. JumpCloud Platform builds on the Core Directory capabilities to provide organizations with holistic control and visibility across their infrastructure.

JumpCloud Platform offers unified device and server management, including Apple MDM, and visibility into user identities and events, devices, and resources. With the JumpCloud Platform option, you can provision users to their devices and lock down those devices with security commands, pre-built Configurations (Policies), and custom commands.

The System Insights feature complements Directory Insights in this package by providing detailed information about managed devices, including hardware and software asset information, configuration settings, and security information. 

This package is best-suited for admins who want a comprehensive platform to manage user access and devices. The JumpCloud Platform package is a high ROI solution, and you can use it to eliminate point solutions for legacy directory services, web app SSO, ULM, MFA, device management, RADIUS and LDAP servers, auditing and governance, and more.

4. JumpCloud Platform Plus Package

JumpCloud Platform Plus is built for organizations focused on implementing a modern security model, Zero Trust. You get an accessible but comprehensive and integrated Zero Trust platform that verifies users are who they say they are and have proper authorization rights, devices are trusted and secure, and networks are known. Platform Plus ensures you provide secure access to IT resources with only one single platform to manage.

With this package, you get complete IAM and device management, as well as advanced security measures like Conditional Access policies. With Conditional Access policies, you can implement controls to ensure users work only on trusted devices and networks. This package also includes premium support with a guaranteed uptime SLA, with monetary credits for misses, which gives you 24/7 support with global engineering teams.

The JumpCloud Platform and Platform Plus packages in particular are designed to help you consolidate your operations in a single web-based console and provide secure, frictionless access from any device to any resource. JumpCloud’s set of packages reimagine the modern cloud directory platform.

Learn More

We’re excited to announce these new packages and approaches to using our cloud directory platform. After a more than six-month journey of research and analysis, we’re delighted to offer these solutions to the market. We’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions. Contact our team to learn more. 

Existing customers: We’ll work closely with you to ensure you have the right functionality based on your usage and interests. For partners, we know the migration process might take longer as you consider your relationship with each customer and give proper notice in moving them to the right package. We’ll work with you to make that happen. Contact your Account Manager or [email protected].

Cassa Niedringhaus

Cassa is a product marketing specialist at JumpCloud with a degree in Magazine Writing from the University of Missouri. When she’s not at work, she likes to hike, ski and read.

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