Is Network-based Security Dead?

Written by Rajat Bhargava on April 21, 2014

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Our CEO, Rajat  Bhargava, takes on the topic of network-based security in a cloudy world in his feature article in O’Reilly Programming. This was also a hot topic at February’s America’s Growth Conference panel that Raj was on with folks like Marty Roesch (Sourcefire / Cisco) and Jay Chaudhry (ZScaler). With the cloud providers effectively owning the network, how do you implement network-based security?

That’s the topic of Raj’s article in O’Reilly. The article outlines how the shifting landscape is changing how organizations need to think about security. This topic is an interesting one to consider when thinking about how to secure your organization’s cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Identity Provider Addresses Network-Based Security

As you know, security is a topic that we care about deeply at JumpCloud. Our Directory-as-a-Service® platform is focused on helping organizations address the number one security threat that they face – control of their identities.

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