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Written by George Lattimore on November 20, 2019

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A partner program isn’t really a partnership if you aren’t supporting each other. At JumpCloud, we take our responsibility to uphold our partnerships seriously. We have a dedicated team whose sole focus is to support our partners and help them to be successful with their Directory-as-a-Service® deployments. From co-marketing to sales enablement, training to onboarding, we want to see our Partners excel with cloud-forward directory services.

When managed service providers (MSPs) join the JumpCloud Partner Program, they’re joining a global team that’s actively working together to enable clients with cloud security and efficiency. We understand that each MSP is on the front lines against cyber attacks, data breaches, and painstaking workflows. They need to go above and beyond to sustain client relationships. 

Comprehensive Support for JumpCloud Partners 

To get the conversation started, here are just a few ways that JumpCloud actively supports MSPs through our Partner Program.

By Providing In-Depth Technology Training 

JumpCloud’s variety of training opportunities start with the Build Your Own Directory video series, Knowledge Base articles, admin guides, webinars, and one-on-one technical training sessions. All of these technical training opportunities are designed to teach MSP admins not only about the JumpCloud platform, but about identity and system management as well.

By Generating Lead Flow  

When possible, JumpCloud passes along potential customer leads to partners. With over 75 thousand organizations using JumpCloud and new business acquired every day, JumpCloud is in a prime position to enable Partners with qualified leads. JumpCloud first works with the client organization to understand their needs and requirements, and then passes that client as a lead to the appropriate partners. In full disclosure, JumpCloud will never recommend just one partner, but provide multiple options that will be a potential fit. 

By Performing Joint Sales Calls 

JumpCloud’s partner team stands ready to support partners as needed with sales calls, technical reviews/demos, implementation calls, and whatever else may be helpful. JumpCloud’s partner team is exclusively focused on enabling partners, so there is no conflict of interest between parties.

By Fueling Growth with Go-to-Market Support  

Marketing and sales have been highlighted as the number one business pain point for MSPs in 2019. With MSP’s sales and marketing teams strapped for time and resources, JumpCloud steps in with supportive content, messaging, and Go-to-Market plans that can help MSPs to sign up more customers and introduce new services.

By Offering a Free Trial and 10 Free Users/Systems Forever

One of the most significant ways that JumpCloud supports all MSP partners is by giving them the first 10 users and systems free forever. This enablement campaign means each MSP client is eligible for the free account even if they will never actually purchase. In fact, many MSPs have leveraged the free account to make money by adding a managed service fee for their customers. When centrally managed through the JumpCloud Multi-Tenant Portal, MSP partners can generate new revenue streams while supporting their customers.

Build a Future Through Partnership

A partnership is only as good as the support each one gives to the other. Both sides must benefit for it to be worthwhile, and work together towards a common goal. JumpCloud’s MSP partner program is focused on providing MSPs with technical training, go-to-market support, and free software. We take the time to listen to our partner’s needs and respond with comprehensive resources, advice, and product features to grow together. For more details on the benefits of partnering with JumpCloud, read through this dedicated resource, or go ahead and contact our Partner team.

George Lattimore

George is a writer at JumpCloud, a central source for authenticating, authorizing, and managing your IT infrastructure through the cloud. With a degree in Marketing and an MS in Public Communications and Technology, George enjoys writing about how the IT landscape is adapting to a diversified field of technology.

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