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Moving to a Cloud Identity Management Platform

If you are considering JumpCloud’s cloud identity management platform, you may be wrestling with the complexities of a modern IT infrastructure.

Maybe you need to centralize management of Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. Perhaps you are trying to satisfy compliance requirements. You might be trying to secure access to both on-prem and cloud servers. Maybe you are moving to the cloud and interested in eliminating Microsoft Active Directory®.

Solution: Cloud Identity Management

Whatever your specific reason, JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® might be the cloud identity management solution you are looking for. We’ve helped organizations achieve the security and control of an on-prem directory without the cost, hassle, and overhead of building and maintaining it.

Case Studies from JumpCloud Customers


Our customers have a wide range of situations and all of their stories are unique. Maybe you’ll see some of the challenges you are facing in these amazing JumpCloud success stories:

UPPABaby: From No Directory to JumpCloud

Fast-Growing PIA Agency Deploys Efficiently Thanks to DaaS

Learn More About JumpCloud’s Cloud Identity Management Platform

Drop us a note if you are thinking about how cloud identity management can support your IT organization. We’d be happy to help. Alternatively, sign-up for a free JumpCloud IDaaS account and give it a try for yourself. Your first 10 users are free forever.

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