May ’21 Newsletter

Written by JumpCloud on May 27, 2021

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Welcome to JumpCloud’s May Newsletter.

We tend to think that big, unexpected events will disrupt our projects. Instead, it’s the simple, everyday activities that derail us time and time again. 

When simple tasks like imposing multi-factor authentication, aiding in password resets, or simply viewing basic user details are streamlined, our strategic plans can stay on track.

Push MFA

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) makes access transactions more secure, but despite the clear benefits it brings, resistance and frustration from end users can make its rollout a challenge.

JumpCloud Protect makes it easy for IT admins to deploy and enforce MFA without adversely impacting end users.

Conditional Auth to Applications

It’s difficult to strike the right balance between security and ease of access, especially at scale. This can result in one-size-fits-all policies that treat all applications the same. The net result: access to low-risk apps contains unnecessary friction for end users, while high-risk apps lack security controls.

With this feature expansion, conditional access policies can streamline users’ access to applications, increasing security requirements when necessary to maintain high standards and reducing friction across the board.

Know What Your Users Can Access

Your users need to log into their laptops, connect over Slack, SSO into AWS, and gather in Google Meet. To make sure this is happening, you need tools to easily map who has access to what. 

Now, get one-click access to user highlights and view each user’s associated groups, apps, devices, and directories (like Google and Microsoft) for easy visibility across resources.

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Other Things You Should Know

  • Configurable Unlock Timer: Simple solutions can have a big impact, and this new configuration allows you to help users self-serve lockouts on a timetable that works best for them.

Find a more technical breakdown of our recent releases in our May release notes.


JumpCloud’s mission is to Make Work Happen®, by providing people secure access to the resources they need to do their jobs. The JumpCloud Directory Platform gives IT, security operations, and DevOps a single, cloud-based solution to control and manage employee identities, their devices, and apply Zero Trust principles.

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