JumpCloud Supports Linux Mint Cinnamon

Written by Brandon White on September 5, 2020

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As Linux® Mint Cinnamon grows in popularity, it’s clear: The same organizations looking for a flexible and cost-effective operating system will need a way to manage that OS. 

Fortunately, JumpCloud® recently announced support for Linux Mint Cinnamon (64 bit). With JumpCloud’s platform, IT administrators can support both user and device management at scale for their organization using Linux Mint.

If you ask us, that’s pretty exciting news! Linux Mint is an excellent option for IT organizations to consider when selecting an operating system, and we love enabling our customers to make the right choices for what they need. This addition to our suite of supported operating systems ensures our customers have more flexibility to cater to their organization’s unique priorities.

Whether you’re looking into Linux Mint Cinnamon or are one of the millions who already use it, we’ll cover a bit about why it’s important that JumpCloud now supports this innovative system.

Linux Mint Overview

Linux Mint is a popular alternative to Windows® and macOS®. A core part of the success of Linux Mint has been its slick graphical user interface (GUI) on top of the base Linux OS. With an easy to use interface, the operating system can be deployed to non-technical end users, saving organizations tremendous money. 

The solution also has robust security, and many software packages are available for it. With many organizations shifting to using cloud services, the idea that a new operating system that is no cost, yet still easy to use and safe is an attractive offering for IT organizations.

Of the three Linux Mint editions, why choose Linux Mint Cinnamon?

Simply put, Linux Mint Cinnamon carries the most features of any other edition. Check out the distinctions that Linux Mint makes:

CinnamonThe most modern, innovative and full-featured desktop
MATEA more stable, and faster desktop
XfceThe most lightweight and the most stable

It’s not hard to understand why Linux Mint Cinnamon is the most popular. Today’s users are often savvy enough to navigate the meatier operating system, so the features are worth a more complex experience.

Are There Any Downsides to Linux Mint Cinnamon?

Those savvy users, of course, must still be managed by an IT organization. And this operating system does present IT admins with some challenges to overcome.

The challenge for IT admins then becomes how to manage and administer Linux Mint. Because it isn’t Windows or macOS, it too often has been overlooked as a platform that can be centrally managed. 

For example, Active Directory® and Intune from Microsoft largely focus on Windows and mobile platforms. Even if a solution like OpenLDAP is leveraged to control user access in Linux Mint, how would the machine be managed?

Fortunately, with the announcement that JumpCloud supports Linux Mint Cinnamon, IT admins can rest assured that management is simpler and just as comprehensive as ever.

Using a Cloud Directory Platform to Support Linux Mint

JumpCloud’s cloud directory platform enables IT admins to manage user access to IT resources and their systems. With centralized support for Windows, macOS, and Linux, IT admins can control user access as well as the system through MDM (where applicable), policies, and a command runner infrastructure.

IT admins simply place a lightweight agent on each machine which controls user accounts and executes policies, scripts, or commands on the machine as necessary. System control can include installing or updating software, patching machines and software, configuring security settings, and monitoring of various logs. The result is full control over the machine regardless of where it is located and what operating system.

Try it for Yourself—For Free

Ready to unite these two powerful technologies? Sign up for JumpCloud Free. You can add up to 10 users and 10 systems to your free account to test Linux systems and all other JumpCloud features.

Brandon White

Brandon is an enthusiast, solutionist, and JumpCloud’s Technical Evangelist, active in journalism and IT in cities across the US for over 25 years. Pick his brain on Slack in the JumpCloud Lounge: http://ow.ly/seTs30qO7WX

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