June 28th, 2017 – Production Release Notification

Written by Rajat Bhargava on June 28, 2017

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Release Contents:Bug/Defect Fix
Feature and/or Featurette
Function Area(s):Console (general)
Deploy Date:June 26, 2017
Items Being Released:New FeaturesA new loading indicator is displayed in User’s Tab of the User’s Group and System’s Tab of the Systems Group when many users or system need to load or be modified.A progress bar modal will now appear when checking and saving more than 5 items in aside panels. The modal will not appear if 5 or less are checked/saved.A new Success Banner will now appear when migration to Groups is completed.Bug FixesUsers who have not changed their password in ‘n’ day(s) will not be automatically locked out when an admin sets password expiration for ‘n’ day(s). Instead, their expiration clock will be reset to start counting when the admin change is made.Search function will now work on tabs in user, system and command aside panels for organizations who are currently on the Groups version of the product.A fix has been deployed for the incorrect hover state of a user’s passwordless sudo icon which remained a red ‘x’ when this feature was toggled off.Incorrect text “Selecting individual tag(s) instead of the “All Users” tag will restrict network access to members of the selected tag(s).” has been removed from RADIUS DETAILS aside header.

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